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Saturday 3/29 Anti War March

I'm starting my own march on Saturday 3/29 at 1:00 at Pioneer Square.
I'm an older lady who works every day until 6:00pm, so unfortunatly I can't join in on a lot of the events in downtown portland. Since I have the weekends off, I was wondering if anybody was interested in joining me in a peaceful march on Saturday at 1:00 at Pioneer Square. I understand that there is a lot of action going on throughout the week, I would just like to see more things going on on the weekends. If this Saturday a lot of people show up, then I will make it a weekly meeting until the War in Iraq stops. Please bring your signs, family, and good spirit. Let's show the world that we join together for peace in a peaceful manner. See you there. I currently have no permit, but will ask for one if there is overwhelming interest.
Keep on marchin' 24.Mar.2003 17:40


Absolutely! We need to get as many people in the streets as we can as often as possible! I think it is important to try to bring a positive message to the community... we all loathe Bush and all that he stands for to one degree or another, but I think it's time to move from a message of "we hate you, him, them, but we want peace..." to one that is non-threatening to those people who are still teetering on the fence. We have to come together to make our actions ones that the corporate media CAN'T misconstrue. If we give them nothing negative to focus on, (ie. window breaking, threats against SUV owners, super cynical "peace" signs, etc.) perhaps we'll get some real, positive, coverage.

I can dig it! 24.Mar.2003 19:04


Woot! Woot! I compuhletely agree! I am indentured to the man M-F 'till six in Tigard of all places and I can never join in on all the foot-voting. I would love to get involved with ANYTHING going on during the weekend (I did last weekend) and I know many others in the same pickle that I can recruit! Just give me the info on the site and I'm in -permit or not!

good! anything u can do 24.Mar.2003 20:44

just one thing tho

Good to hear people are thinking about what they can do.

Regarding the comment above, though, the corporate media can miscontstrue anything. Not only that, they do it on purpose. Don't believe me? How many times have you watched footage in the past week of bombs exploding over cities in Iraq? You do know, right, that there are people living in those cities, right where the bombs are dropping? What did the corporate media say about it? Did they call it heroic? Did they revel in the "advances"? Probably. But did they say anything, ANYTHING about this being violent?

Because I've been checking sporadically in on the corporate media, and what I see is "heroic" soldiers shooting big guns, "spectacular" explosions over Baghdad, and in the very next segment they show people getting beaten to hell by mesomorphic riot cops, and the talking head tsk tsks about the PROTESTERS being "violent."

Last Thursday, I stood there and watched nearly a hundred armed to the teeth riot cops, hidden behind sheilds and masks, rush toward a small group of people committing the heinous crime of sitting in a circle in the street, holding candles and singing. The cops had their sticks swinging, their pepper spray cans blooshing out chemical weapons, and something called a "concussion grenade" -- apparently just for atmosphere. They were violent, abusive, assaultive, assholes. And the corporate media then portrayed them as "lenient," even "overly lenient" officers friendly. The peaceful protesters? They were "spoiling for a fight." They were "violent."

The corporate media ALWAYS spins the story to support the goals and agenda of their corporate masters.

Oops. But I digress. The Saturday march sounds good. I'll probably be there, if I'm not too beat by the week's events.

Dear IndyMedia 24.Mar.2003 23:54

Another Activist

Please add this event to the calendar on top of the main page.

Saturday 3/29 - Peaceful March for Peace - Pioneer Square - 1:00PM

Thank you very much!

rethink this 25.Mar.2003 01:26

LeftFielder leftfield@post.com

One person should not announce a march. Marches should be organized, with representatives of various groups and networks. Otherwise, and this is noticable, there is no real mobilization. Marches should make concrete the real ORGANIZING, which means talking with friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. If we spend all of our time mobilizing, we lose touch with people.

What I mean: lots of people who opposed the start of the war are CONFUSED right now. They feel empathy for American kids getting hurt, captured, killed. They stay away from rallies, in part because we (this is the we who is, uh, less confused) aren't talking with them enough.

Brothers and sisters -- we must REACH OUT, NOW, to people who are "soft" on the war: not really for it, but also afraid right now to protest. We have to rebuild toward a majority movement, not burn ourselves out mobilizing every day.

So yes, contribute -- but look at a calendar of already-happening events rather than creating another small event. Find a group of people you can work with, or make one on your own, and then network with other groups. We should be BUILDING opposition, not expending our energy on creating new events.

In solidarity,

Ignore the above 25.Mar.2003 09:39

already organized

This demonstration is already being organized by more than just one person. We've been contacting several media outlets. Don't worry. there are lots of people who would can only join a protest on the weekend, and they wouldn't be worn out from all the other protests during the week. So anyboy who would like to come, please show up. let your friends and family know. This is a peaceful demonstration, so please no hecking or fighting with the cops. And for the cops who read this, please don't heckle and fight the protesters. Thank you everyone who decides to show up.