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imperialism & war

DIE-IN, Everyday at Noon in PI-SQUARE, anybody?

Let's make EVERY lunch hour at Pioneer Square memorable for its visual impact and the quietude that accompanies death. Workers, please sacrifice your lunch hour to stop this war. Come to PI SQUARE for Passive and Peaceful DIE-IN. Every day at noon. If you can, decorate yourselves with blood. Collapse anywhere in the square for the hour. Bring a sign. There will be no police violence associated with this silent and very visual form of peace activism. This is a Peaceful Protest. Please be involved. How many more Iraqi children and civilians must die? How many more US soldiers must die? Support our troops, bring them home.
See the photo of the mutilated child on the m24 portland.indymedia story entitled,
"What they DON'T show you on America's CORPORATE News-WARNING VERY GRAPHIC"
America is doing this.