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we need our backpacks

At the thursday demo at 2nd and Burnside, another woman and myself gave our backpacks to a man who said he'd bring them to the CFA office on se 16 and Clinton, but they haven't been brought here yet. Any information about this would be very much appreciated.
On thursday 3/20, another woman and myself were going to be arrested on 2nd and Burnside. We gave our backpacks to a clean cut man with dark short curly hair and dark skin, who said he'd bring them to the CFA office on se 16 and Clinton. Jaime had a purple backpack with important school papers, and I had a green one with my cell phone and other things inside. I think he said his name was Scott and that he went to Reed or knew some people who were Reedies. We have not gotten our backpacks and are looking to see if anybody has any information that could help us.

phone: phone: (503) 241-4879

we (will) have them 24.Mar.2003 20:12

Cascadia Forest Alliance

Some guy who has two backpacks (not the one you referred to), called to say he was going to drop them off at cfa. however we weren't open when he came over the weekend and the soonest he'll be able to try again is Wednesday. He apologized for the delay.

Give us another call then, (503) 241-4879
Or call and let us know your phone numbers so we can call you.

You can probably downgrade this from a feature now :)