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Al Jazeera footage of American POWs and Dead

A link to the AlJazeera footage of captured American soldiers. Be warned that this link is on a site that also has a lot of porn ads on it.
War is war and people get captured killed and brutalized. The enormity of suffering encountered by humans is tremendous. Images brought the Vietnam war home to the supper table and helped form a consensus opinion against the use of force. Do we as Americans feels the pain of fellow Americans stronger? The American media has a monopoly over the world's media outlets. So many people say that we should should make up our own mind about media coverage. Well, folks, here is your chance.

Have a look at the footage the mainstream media will not publish. Does anyone out there speak Arabic well enough to provide a translation?

(Consumption Junction is a site that specializes in :"The sickest adult humor, dirty jokes, free video." As such they carry a graphic overload of adult ads and images and are only for adults. Please be aware of this before you go to the site.)