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Recognizing Our Success

We should recognize the success we've already had.
From the Guardian:
Public opinion mobilised by the anti-war movement has created a new kind of war, one of Britain's leading media analysts said today.
This is worth reading.
Bullshit 24.Mar.2003 21:01

Fuck All Liberals

This article is bullshit. It is essentially saying that the USA is trying to limit civilian casaualites because of "sensitivity" to public opinion. Yeah, tell that to all the civilians who have been bombed to death in Baghdad and elsewhere. Moreover, this article has a quote from some "Professor Philo" who claims that:

"The 'war for oil' theory is nonsense, argues Professor Philo - the Middle Eastern states have to sell oil to the US because that is the only market big enough to take it. 'I think they are actually doing it to justify the military spend.'"

What is nonsense is Professor Philo's denial of the fact that geostrategic control of Oil--not merely access or buying it from the MIddle East--has always been a fundamental American geopolitical objective in the Middle East for the last 50 years at least. This Professor Philo should return his PhD. if he actually believes that the USA would go to all this trouble, defy the UN, alienate numerous other countries around the world, and generate enormous resentment by invading Iraq simply for the sake of justifying its military spending.

In general, the newspaper that this article come from--the Guardian--reflects what is called a Liberal Imperialist perspective. They may (kind of) oppose the war, but they carefully avoid questioning the Lies and Bullshit used to justify this war.