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Breaking out of the box, or the square, Pioneer square.... the march 22nd 4:00 rally.
3:45 - My name is Matthew, An Organizer with The Riverdale District Student Activist Alliance (RSAA), I was to meet a fellow student organizer in Downtown Portland or at Pioneer Square to see if we could participate in a few actions rumored to be accruing on Saturday, March 22-2003.

4:00- nothing but small group of Pro war flag wavers surrounded by possibly 6 anti war protester - more anti war people filtering in. more and more meeting in the "Free Speech Corner" of Pioneer square. Soon more and more people appear. And those who were told to meet at waterfront show up because there was nothing at waterfront at 2:00, oh well... there at the square now, so are people from Terry shrunk.
By 4:45 there has been a hand holding peace sign in the bottom of Pioneer square lots people standing in the shape of a peace sign, and chanting, KATU, and KGW interviewing people above. The dancing and noise making with in the square gets elderly, possibly tiresome, at least it seemed that way to me and my buddy, there had been a few unorganized marching with in the square in circles. Not moving outside the square, - I think due to being frightened by the bike, motorcycle, horse foot, and riot police in trucks, vans, cars, and SUVs that constantly surrounded pioneer square.
"This is ridiculous," I thought to myself. We should not feel scared to leave the square. I talked to my friends and those in front kind leading the march, and we decided to take it out of the circle. And head straight - under the Nordstrom's roof. This was tricky and a little freaky; cuz police really did not like this. We went around Nordstrom's to go back to the square to chill and pick up more people before another breakaway march. We repeated this once, going to Broadway and back. - Almost to the cultural district and back to pioneer square. Then we, the people, took a little trip. Almost 300 id say, of us marched all through town surrounded by bike motorcycle, cops. The riot cops followed but did not engage. The police seemed agitated yesterday. The motorcycle cops would always block off an intersection, then we were crossing the street, and bike cops would arrest anyone for jay walking - VERY TRIGGER HAPPY on the MACE two arrests so far downtown as people march on sidewalks
About an hour ago a man was arrested for standing on the corner of the sidewalk with his bike.

Now, at 2nd and alder someone stepped out into the street and was tackled. There have been riots cops all over the place this whole time, and vehicles from Salem have been brought up. 100 - 150 still going strong!
Bee cops have been very liberal with arrests for JAYWALKING if anyone so much as sets a foot in the street against the light. Motorcycle cops following the march on the sidewalks. Bee cops surrounding on the perimeter of P square. On yamhill and first the cops arrested a handicapped young woman in full view of her mother. They refused to release her into her mothers' care. This I think was when a new policeman, who looked Asian and was a bike cop, pulled me off the curb. He told me to get off the street and took my ID, gave it back asked my name and date of birth, and then told me it was just a warning to stay on the curb. (Even though I don't remember not being on the curb - cuz everyone off the curb got mace. Everyone jay walking got mace. (When he called me to talk with him the crowed went kinda nuts and starting booing and getting attacked. I think 2 or 3 people were arrested. We went to waterfront and from there to Terry shrunk, and then people went to candle lighting. And camping. And whatnot.
Peace brothers.