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The TOWER: Shakeup and Shock

The TOWER represents the lightning-swift changes taking place in consciousness as well as form. As long-predicted by intuitive people and people close to the earth, such as the Mayans and Native Americans, old structures and ways of thinking are shattering in the world today. The crystallizations represented by the DEVIL are beginning to crack, as the illusions of the past five thousand years are called into question. A shakeup is happening, we cannot go back.
The TOWER: Shakeup and Shock
The TOWER: Shakeup and Shock

The TOWER - Shakeup and shock

On the day the rape and pillage of Iraq began (Thursday, March 20) I took out my Motherpeace tarot cards to try to get a perspective on this great shame and sorrow. I received the "TOWER" card. I would like to share the message with the forces of resistance in America.

First I would like to say that I can "see" and understand because I resist the other becoming my masters. I do not want others to see me a special because I can "see" and intuit. I worked hard to keep this gift alive. I want you all to know that you can "see" and intuit. Beyond that, I don't believe it is either conscious or ethical to make specific predictions. Predictions set up a strong dynamic toward self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a subtle and dangerous form of manipulating you. It is not ultimately helpful. The truth is, no one can predict the future. We live in a world of possible futures, influenced by our choices in every moment. The highest use of intuitive arts is to help you get the information you need to make the best choices for optimal outcomes in a cyclical universe.

Part of the war that bush and his minions are waging on the world is deeply psychological. The plan is to bombard the masses with messages that will erase our hope, our strength, and our "knowing". It is imperative that each of us guard our inner knowing. Do this by NOT watching, listening or reading mass media. It is the deepest of dark arts to impress upon the consciousness a message of death, destruction and hopelessness. This is brainwashing of the highest level. If you allow your consciousness to be touched by corporate media--you will be numbed you will not be able to protect yourself or the planet. Remember the movie "The Matrix"?

We were all born "open" and many of us had the "knowing" beat out of us. Now is the time to wake up. Do it by protecting your minds and souls. When you feel despondent and helpless, know that this is the plan. Bush and his minions only have power when we give it up. Find a time each day to collect yourself. Do not fall into using drugs and alcohol to numb yourself. This does not protect and strengthen you. IT leaves you open to attack of the soul--the spirit that is free. Find a way to get in touch and strengthen your intuition. You can do this by writing in a journal, painting (color is very healing and stabilizing), music, movement, meditation, and any of the intuitive arts. Eat only foods that are alive. Do not consume garbage food. Every day vision a world at peace and then get up and move. Do not allow yourself to be immobilized. We need all of you. You must become warriors of the highest caliper. Spiritual warriors. Because this war that bush has brought to the world is a war to destroy the spirit, enslave all resources for the benefit of the few, and mass murder those considered not to be relevant to power (elders, disabled, older workers) and those who get in the way (native people, protectors of the earth). Many people have told me that they are having a hard time sleeping, and when they awake, they feel a strong energy surging pass them. This is the shock going around the earth. It is shakti energy. It is the earth throwing off the negative destructive force. It can be ignored or used to fuel transformation. More on the use of this energy later.

Here is the reading

A reading from the Motherpeace cards - Developed by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel

The TOWER - Shattering the structure

Again, the question I asked was "What is happening to the world that this horror could happen, even after the mass resistance against war".

The TOWER in traditional Tarot interpretation is representative of destruction and cataclysmic change--an earthshaking stroke of illumination and the end of false consciousness. It is tempting today to interpret this card in literal terms, as the karmic end to the cycle of patriarchal existence we have endured for five thousand years. This period of time is referred to by Hindus as KALI YUGA and defines a degraded, evil period that is currently coming to an end. Whether the end will be a brutal and total annihilation of life, or a radical change in the consciousness of the human race, remains to be seen.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Death, represented by fire and the sword. Although she is personified as terrible and grotesque with a lust for blood (and, in particular, a nasty urge to cut off Shiva's head), Kali really represents the cutting edge of truth and the fire that burns away falsity and the misdeeds of the past. Kali was once the Great Mother who had the powers of creation and destruction at her command. As the Goddess of fire, she represents a sexual fire as well as enlightenment, and even in her reduced form as Goddess of Death she is powerful and respected, even feared.

The TOWER in Tarot is a symbol of Kali's cutting off the head--ego death, the end of mental control--a motif we have seen in the earliest cave art. Kali symbolizes truth and the raging fire of intuition, life force expressed through the oracular power of seeing into the future, the divine shock of knowing. Sitting at the top of the TOWER, a priestess catches the lightning with her bare hands, representing the power of the shaman to channel intensities of energy that the ordinary individual could not bear. Her eyes are open and she radiates fire from the head--electrical fire, the force of manas or creative power.

Behind the priestess is the dark sky and the ocean, feminine powers of intelligence and wisdom. Below her are the members of her community, waiting for her to reveal the oracle that will guide them into action. On the ground is a Hopi migration symbol--double spiral and two spiders--and a lot of driftwood burning. The message is that a change is taking place, a significant movement from one place to another, and a burning away of what is old and has drifted onto shore. When lightning strikes wood, the wood burns; when illumination strikes the human mind, old concepts are put to flame. Waiting to take the people out to sea are ships that will carry them from the old world to the new.

In the sky, the full moon completely eclipses the sun--it is not night, but only the passing of the lunar orb in front of the solar, the temporary triumph of the night force in the middle of the day. In all "primitive" cultures, a solar eclipse is regarded with awe and sense of danger as a miraculous visitation from spiritual realms. The TOWER is ruled by Uranus, the planet governing change and illumination and associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius. The New Age is the age of Aquarius, and the TOWER represents the lightning-swift changes taking place in consciousness as well as form. As long-predicted by psychics and people close to the earth, such as Native Americans, old structures and ways of thinking are shattering in the world today. The crystallizations represented by the DEVIL are beginning to crack, as the illusions of the past five thousand years are called into question.

The people in the Motherpeace card are Libyan in origin, on their way to America and other places far away from the patriarchal invaders of the second millennium B.C. Representing all people who worship the Goddess--the feminine force of life and Nature--these involuntary exiles are fleeing invasions of destructive, aggressive human beings who would eliminate them and their beliefs. According to Harvard professor Barry fell, peoples of the Mediterranean area came to all the Americas during the second and first millennia B.C., thousands of years before Columbus "discovered" America. The left stone carvings and inscriptions in Egyptian, Phoenician, Libyan, and Iberian scripts that speak of the Goddesses Tanith, Astarte, Beltis, and who knows how many others?

Perhaps many of these early visitors were involved in trade with Native Americans who, according to Jeffrey Goodman, have been living here for at least two hundred thousand years. Others probably were exiles, driven out of their Mediterranean homelands by patriarchal invaders who swept through between 3500 B.C. and the birth of Christ. During this transition period between Goddess-worship and Patriarch, migration was inevitable. Most of the people in the world share a common mythology of cataclysms. Although such destructions usually take such natural forms as volcanoes, earthquakes, or floods, they are almost always assumed to be "karmic" in nature. That is, people believe the disasters have been brought about by "the gods" in retaliation for the wrongdoing of the human population.

The HOPI view of natural balance, the Egyptian idea of social justice, and the Indian concept of karma all agree that natural laws govern the universe and "man" is able to respond to them. When human beings stop being responsive and begin to do things their own way, trouble starts. As humanity drifts farther and farther away from the divine source of guidance and wisdom, the forces depicted as the DEVIL image come more and more into play. Eventually there must be a break--the inevitable "retribution".

Many people today believe that we have reached one of these "retribution" periods of cataclysmic upheaval and change. Global pollution--such as burial of nuclear and chemical wastes in the body of the Earth Mother--and human interference in weather and growth cycles may bring the karmic cleansing or "great purification" spoken of in the prophecies. Human destruction of the ozone layer already accounts for an increase in radiation from the sun, as well as climatic changes on earth. Or "retribution" may take the form of a major of a major nuclear "exchange". A former Special Assistant to the President for the Nation Security, considering which factors had so far averted a nuclear war, started his list with "luck". The danger is so great that most of us are numb to it and act, on the conscious level, as if it were not there, or as if nobody could possibly do anything about it. In contrast, New Age teachers, like ancient oracles, suggest the possibility of free choice. With the simplicity of children, they ask what sense it makes for the human race, through its own "defense" establishments, to destroy itself. It is questions such as this, more than intricate calculations of "arms control experts" that will help people grasp the stupidity of the war system.

The possibility of transformation is the message of the Goddess, the feminine force of healing. Kali, with her sword raised and her red tongue hanging out, challenges us to mobilize our energy and learn to act right. Let the old forms shatter, she demands: let the truth shine through us and destroy what is false. She cuts away the past and invites us to create with her a future that is tolerable to the human soul, where quality of life is more important than mere existence. Kali is a vision of outage--she represents the part of us that knows we must have more dignity and truth, or die.

To look away from the truth manifesting in the TOWER is to get lost in destruction, to go out with the old forms and ideas. To stare truth in the eye is to take power back into ourselves in response to the almost unspeakable situation that presents itself and the deeply human need to change it. The awakening that Kali presents to us is painful, bringing nightmares and hideous visions of what may come; but the fire that she represents is the awakened and activated kundalinienergy, an electric shock of very high voltage that brings with it the ability to sustain that very force.

The message in the TOWER is "we can do it," and the deeper implications is "we have no choice but to try." The earth is moving, the oracle is speaking, and the return of the Goddess into body and soul is imminent. The destruction of the old always precedes the building of the new, but one can choose which side to be on. The spiritual truth of Kali carries with it immortality and a living awareness of the eternal nature of the soul. With this awareness comes a victory over death and the forces of death and destruction. A fearless courage is born. "Life will triumph!" That is the banshee shriek of Kali (and of the Irish Calleagh, whose name is pronounced the same). Those who have ears to hear will never be the same again.

Brace yourself--we're in for a change. A radical shift is taking place in our lives, a flash of illumination. Whether you like what you see or not, you see it. You may not want to move, but the structure is falling out from under you. Prepare yourself for the future, for the past is slipping away before your eyes and things are becoming clear.