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Update: Portland Peace Encampment

Update: Portland Peace Encampment
Around 12:45 today, the Portland Peace Encampment was told that they had to pack up all of the tents and other pieces of shelter. The officers told them that they had until 4:00 to pack everything up. This is in complete opposition to what they were first told (that they could have the camp, as long as they kept things clean and peaceful). The officer said (and this was confirmed by other officers) that they could stay there, with sleeping bags, food, etc., just no shelter. The camp decided (after three lengthy consensus debates) to pack up but stay there every night. Now they need your help more than ever. The following is a list of items they need:

Rain Gear!!!!!
Plastic Ponchos!!!!!
Sleeping bags
Dry, clean clothes (especially pants)
Hot Drinks
Hot food
Hot Soup
Permanent markers
Tobacco (especially American Spirit menthols!)
Cardboard or carpeting to sit on
Current newspapers to read
Other entertainment, such as drums
Non disposable cups

And FRESH BODIES!!!!! Come on down! Terry Shrunk Plaza, between City hall and the Federal Building (3rd and Madison, I think...)

Contact Justin at 503.892.8777 to coordinate a time if you want to give someone a rest break.