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Anarchist Carpentry Collective

We're organizing another cell of a local anarchist community support network. Organizing a space to come together and question authority from the inside out. Learn and teach carpentry skills with us as we work together to get free of the capitalist trap and the governments that support it- make your politics personal by working with others. Check it out yo!
Anarchist Carpentry Collective
Anarchist Carpentry Collective
Do you want to get together- learn, and teach, carpentry in a non-hierarchical space? Work for somthin other than the capitalist system? Do projects aimed at building (A)nti-authoritarian community- and helpin the down trodden locally?
Then check this out! Are you interested in carpentry? Do ya Feel the need to personalize your politics? Then check this out! We're startin a capentry collective. We're gonna use dumpstered, recycled, and sustainably produced materials- to craft works that are beutiful, simple, and strong. We'll focus on using our work to empower folks to revolutionary self sufficiency- from the inside out. I've got a double car garage dedicated to this- a compound miter saw, a skill saw, a cordless drill- and some plans to build work tables/cabnets out of recylced wood and solid core doors.
Some thought's on projects:
It'd be great to do stuff like build structures for dignity village-
also a while back I heard that the emigrant workers that stand on a corners for work would like to find a space and build a workers hall or somthin. Maybee some labor folks would like ta help or somthin? I think we could start out building simple projects like planters and do donation/work trade for them. Any moneys we're donated could go to help us build a shop- we need to build a D.I.Y. community capable of removing itself from the capitalist system. Are you interested?

I'm kinda thinking we should meet next sunday the 30th at 1:30. This would give folks time to eat and enough daylight to get a somthin done. The space is located at 3735 SE Raymond St. four blocks south of holgate one block west of 39th
See ya soon!

phone: phone: 503-774-9253
address: address: 3735 se Raymond St. 4 blocks south'o holgate one block west of 39th