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25 Americans fall, dozens of tanks destroyed in battle

Empire forces suffer heavy losses since day one. US military propoganda sources (CNN, NYT, etc.) however have up until now been able to hide the reality to the citizens of the empire.
Allegedly 25 Americans fallen, dozens of tanks and armored vehicles destroyed

In a military communique the Iraq leadership reported that during the battle around Nasiriya 25 US soldiers have fallen. The attackers are supposed to have lost dozens of tanks and armored vehicles. The offensive of the Allies [sic] has not significantly progressed. Britons and Americans have advanced only in mostly empty regions. In the evening the Allies took Bagdad renewed under fire.

Bagdad/London/Washington -
"Our situation is very good. Our morale is very high. Our battle successes very good," sad Iraq's Defense Minister General Sultan Haschim Ahmed. Ten tanks and 20 armored vehicles have been destroyed by the Iraqis. According to the minister Saddam's tactic has been until now to allow the Allies the empty flat land. However in order to achieve something the attackers would have to come into the cities, said the General. There the resolve of the Iraqis will surprise the attackers. The Minister said: "If they want to take Bagdad, they must pay this price."

According to a military comminique published Sunday by Iraq's military leadership, by the attack of the Allies from three directions on the city Nasiriya, which lies 350 km south of Bagdad, 25 US soldiers have died.

The US-Military admitted later that some US soldiers had been killed. 12 American soldiers are considered missing. General John Abizaid is guessing that the number is less than ten, in a statement he made on Sunday before journalists at the cite of the central command of the US forces in Doha. He continues that during the battles on Sunday the US soldiers had come upon the hardest resistance in the war up until now. Nevertheless he says everything is going according to plan. He expects that the troops will soon reach the region of the capitol city Bagdad. "Today it was a hard day for the coalition," admitted the speaker.

Until now the British and american troops had dominated the success reports: the US military reported of "precise" strikes on Bagdad, of the rapid progress to the Iraqi capitol - and reported day by day the capture of further strategically important objectives. On Sunday however the unpleasant news for the US troops was dominant.

Translation by Martin S. White

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25 dead, is very light, not heavy. 23.Mar.2003 15:04

Sadam's widow

25 dead is a bus accident. this is basically a great victory for the US. we lost 145 in the gulf war, most due to our own hand.

if the 25 total is from everything including chopper crashes do to bad weather, (which we lost more in NY last week than that). this is really great news.

if we loose over a 1000 Killed in Action in one battle, that is heavy losses, not a few dozen.

Stop sucking saddam's dick, it should be well past ripe by now..