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Poem --
I saw souls on roofs of cars stopped at lights brandishing tearful smiles
Collective lungs breathing a world into creation on street two joys at a time
Anger the distant came in icy glossy glow of sleepy motorists
Tired from a lifetime commute in vain
Shadows in corners on rooftops staring like snipers through throw away lenses
Accountants glaring from corporate windows under fluorescent halos
Children begging mothers for bubbles to mean a demand for peace
Mini John Browns screaming through microphones brisk and beautiful
The silence of candles and flowers dancing around policemen's blue heads
Sounds of interstates choking on the tears of adrenaline masses
Black fingernailed hands chalking sidewalks in liberation
McDonald's windows spider smashed in the name of anti-vandals -

No more golden arches and mosquito repellent chain coffee
Corporate casual smirks as an apology for existing all for frowns
Tear it down!
No more priority deadlines consumer spreadsheet Powerpoint Windows pension anything
No more Imperial musical score death phrases or smirky smiled anchors
"Real Drones, Real Apathy"
No more six assholes primetime dancing in a fountain for our after work fast food fix
No more "Happy Hour"
No more pursuit of happiness in Nike stores or standard option golden chariots
No more great benefits and damn good pensions to alleviate security far from social
No more happy consumer K-Mart faced children
No more sex proves Mayonaisse is worth your dollar
No more mergersstockexchangearmanigodmanicprozacbeerburpslookattheassonher!
Shut It Down! Shut It Down! Shut It Down!
In the name of the father, hollow be their name
Thy Kingdom Come Shall Be Undone
As Earth is Our Heaven
Aim, Men!
comments for feature 23.Mar.2003 17:52


This is a lovely poem! It gave rise to my spirits. I have been a bit down lately from the violence (the person who hit the policeman with a baseball bat), the corporate media's violent attacks against our direct action, and the realization that yet again our actions are those of a relatively small isolated minority who failed to educate and mobilize those who are effected most. That said, this poem has brought me up from where were at, to thinking about how to get where we need to be.

please learn it 23.Mar.2003 19:57

still learning

Please, it's not a sellout to learn some patience in whatever way suits your learning skills. You, we, they are making a difference and may just be too tired to see it or maybe can't recognize it yet. Please believe me; I've been around for a bit and these are really exciting times.

Okay, Shut It Down...and then what?! 23.Mar.2003 20:23


take me along your journey to the day after you have achieved your goal. I want to know what my future will be and that of my children. Can you do that for me?

poets against the war 24.Mar.2003 14:04


if you all wanna refuel with inspiring poetry, check out www.poetsagainstthewar.org. Thediversity of voices is stupendous. there are over 10, 000 poems! I posted one and got an e-mail from an artist in Tel aviv!! Check it out!