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Massacre in Basra!

Al-Jazeera television is reporting a massacre of some 50 people in Basra. The TV station has broadcast the gruesome film it captured of dead and wounded civilians (one of which is pictured on this page).
Massacre in Basra!
Massacre in Basra!
The footage is fueling angry protest in the Arab world... but the film has not been broadcast anywhere in the United States. A page on the Al-Jazeera website has posted a large number of stills from the grisly footage, that page is located at:


Reuters news agency carried the story, but did not publish the photographs:

March 22, 2003
Jazeera shows grisly pictures of dead Iraqis

KUWAIT (Reuters) - Al-Jazeera television, quoting Iraqi medics, say that 50 people have been killed in U.S. bombing around the southern Iraqi city of Basra and it has aired grisly footage of dead and wounded civilians. Among the scenes, beamed across the Arab the world by the Qatar-based satellite channel, were a child with the back of its head blown off -- it was unclear if it was a boy or a girl -- and bloodied people being treated on the floor of a hospital.

"It's a huge mass of civilians," one angry woman told al-Jazeera, standing among the wounded. "It was a massacre."
The report could not be independently confirmed. U.S. and British forces have been in action around Basra. U.S. Marines defeated Iraqi forces in a battle on the outskirts of the city on Saturday, and took many prisoners, a U.S. officer said. It was not immediately clear who controlled Basra and there was no other immediate confirmation of the bombings.

Asked about whether U.S.-led forces had bombed Basra, a military spokesman in Qatar declined comment, saying: "That is considered an ongoing operation and until it is over we're not going to go out there one way or another on that."
U.S. and British forces say they are intent on keeping civilian casualties to a minimum in their war to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Jazeera quoted hospital sources as saying a total of 50 people were killed -- including one entire family and a Russian citizen -- when U.S. F-16 warplanes planes bombed the city.

homepage: homepage: http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2003/3/3-22-26.htm

Looks fake 23.Mar.2003 12:39


No offense to anyone, but that photo from aljazeera looks very fake.

how would you know? 23.Mar.2003 12:55


how many real corpses with the tops of their head blown off have you seen?

please look at the photo at the top right.


this doesn't look "real" either...when compared to the bullshit images of war and death pumped into your head by hollywood.

look closer. much closer. we're all witnesses now. don't fucking forget it.

It's real 23.Mar.2003 13:43


I dated a mortician once. Got to see alot of dead people, particularly the unusual ones like shotgun suicides and so forth. After a couple days skin starts to separate a little from the muscle and so it makes it look like a mask. Also this little child's brain is missing and his skull is clearly shattered so there is little to no support for his head and facial features. It's very tragic. Thankfully it appears he did not suffer like the others.