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Iraqis execute US POW's Real bad news for Iraqis!

Iraqis execute US POW's Real bad news for Iraqis!
If this is true, then the US gloves will be coming off and you can bet, that any US soliders will shoot first and ask questions later.

If a bullet is required, a MOAB will be used instead.

The iraqis will be bleeding out of every body cavity they have, like in 1991.

They found Iraqis with their lungs outside their bodies from the force of one daisy cutter bomb.

I hope this story isn't true, for the Iraqi's sake.
the old law of an eye for an eye... 23.Mar.2003 10:57

republic of cascadia citizen

leaves the whole world blind. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

would your name "fox" refer to the corporate lies of "fox news"? get a grip, citizen. whether it is united states bombs executing iraqi civilians (as is happening right now, CONFIRMED), or iraqis executing the invading u.s. soldiers (may or may not be happening, UNCONFIRMED), it is morally WRONG. period. end of story.

if the resident of the white house had not invaded the sovereign nation of iraq, our troops would not have been put in harms way. period.

support our troops by bringing them home now and bringing the war criminal, george bush, and his entire regime, to justice before international law.

stop this murderous madness NOW!

that was ghandi, not king.. 23.Mar.2003 14:58


ghandi said that, not king.

the army doens't exist to keep from taking casualties. end of story.