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imperialism & war

A few observations

A few disjointed comments from the middle class suburbs.
As part of the peace effort, "we" need to attack economically, using our wallets as weapons. The peace effort has not done a good job of identifying the supporters of the junta. Yes, poster toating liberal can identify the Carlyle Group and Haliburton, but what about your local grocery store, where do they stand?

Part of the problem is we don't pay attention to who we support. Example, the Trail Blazers. I am a severely retarded sports fan (my opologies to the mentally challenged). Paul Allen's radio station, 750, has Micheal Savage on. If you have not had a chance to listen to this idiot, (my opologies to the mentally deranged), tune is between 3:00 and 6:00 for an unhealthy dose of vomit. For my part, I am boycotting sports.

As part of the peace effort, every sponser of this program should be identified and boycotted. Peace friendly businesses need to come forth and identify themselves. While I am sure that doing so will cost them business, do they really want the business of war mongers.

Make yourself visible. It is not enough join with 20,000 every other Saturday, but disappear for the remainder. Bumper stickers, slogans on tee shirts, pins etc are all necessary. The undecided and uniformed need to see you as a normal human being. I enjoy interaction with folks who I would least expect to identify with the cause.

Don't get into arguements with Gomers. No matter how thought out your opinions are, Gomer is a fundamentalist and no amount of logic is going to penetrate.

Stop using Cocaine and Heroin!!! The proceeds from these two drugs go directly back to the machine. Ask yourself this question. Did we blast the Taliban for hiding Osama or for stopping opium production?
Good points - 23.Mar.2003 08:07


This is my problem - I don't know what business's directly or indirectly support the war for oil. I guess I kind of feel like an idiot when it comes to awareness with consumption.

I've been boycotting the Blazers ever since they brought a sexual prediator into our neighborhood -