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Flee & evolve away from the $ both out- AND inside the US + Boycott $ products.

If successful it will help Americans sober up and start implementing remedies afresh on small and proper scale. 'Revolunorms' as old as symbolization itself, and though oftentimes no more than distributed in mere homeopathic proportion, they remain in nevertheless potent dilution (easy to sniff out if you develop a( indy)sense for it).
Flee the dollar. Boycott US products.
pipedreampiet 1:57am Sun Mar 23 '03

The umbrella of armed protection europe has lived under since wwII is becoming bellicose and conscious of achieving and being a purpose in its own right, spelling sustainability that rushes on as selfdefeatingly as oil supplies are finite, not to mention ecologically unwise to pump and squander which is what nevertheless happens when present momentae aren't braked, broken and broken down. By the way, this intolerably parasitic and shamelessly schizo-capitalistically split personalities are the seedcrops from and sown by division of labour as much as profits find their root in it. Chiggen and egg quests aside and over, the time is ripe to call monies home from being abused abroad by the most powerful, IF MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, country, not to mention what unmentionables ut is used for as it continues its mission of misery amplification via ($ in) the middle east only to boomerang back and hit us from a corner out of which we thought we had nothing to fear, only gratefulness to expect. From day one our triple miscalculation was predicated with fear and containment propaganda by those who were really not out to protect us in the first place. Not if willingness to and scruplelessness about sending people and even whole regions past death's locked doors of poisons and hazards is not valid proof of noble lip serve prattle such as they hide behind, it certainly no longer deserves the name nor can it claim exigencies of politics anymore either bycause it is mixed with as much fundamental types fanaticisms as those they say to have need for preemptive protection against posses and are similarly possessed by.

Every generation mankind turns manhostile to refresh its memories of war the hard way real time(killingly). We need not do without hard and hardware ways but war is the worst form and at the wrong pole along any of their axis always and every time. Let those who won't do without fighting fight fair and not with selfdefeatingly high stakes and risks. Take on rivals all you want but hands off everybody who doesn't consider 'mselves to be in your league. DOWN FROM THE BONETONETHRONE YOUALL WHO ARE STUCK THINKING COLDLY AND ADOLESCENTLY MECHANICAL. See that you do your deadly serious play-acting on a stage that doesn't use force and fungibility subterfuges like taxbases in order to force feed it to slave subordiate audiences. WE ACQUIT YOU CAUSE WE QUIT. All need a real job.

Recall foreign funds from the US - Such advice can in no way be construed as cruel to americans. On the contrary, the last in line runs the risk of getting zippo back for a by then worthless dollar. Care must be taken to make the boycott as strong as the funds freeing action lest the elite profit from easier export (due to more attractive exchange rates). The bossturd autointoxicated testosterone terrorist not(- and un) accountables with their local balance disrupting foodstuffs and worse, arms are found out and will soon stand trial. Let the brotherhood which began with Beethoven be brought back on track.


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