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Crybabies in Portland's corporate media should be happy they're not in SF

repost from sf.indymedia.org

reporters here are unhappy that people yell at them and block their cameras. but their evil brethren in s.f. have to live with worse.
Coroporate Reporter Served Just Desserts

The pie-throwing flan-archists of the Biotic Baking Brigade have struck again, this time targeting a corporate media reporter responsible for spewing misinformation about the massive anti-war protests in San Francisco.

Phase I of the BBB's "Operation: Shock & Awe" began at 7 pm on March 20. In the middle of blockaded Market Street in downtown San Francisco, outraged individuals surrounded KTVU Channel 2 reporter Jennifer Jolly (seriously, we're not making the name up), a typically blonde-haired, fancy-dressed TV "news" personality, and confronted her regarding her lies and blatant propaganda. Earlier in the day, these individuals had watched her report on the air that demonstrators were violent and disrespectful and lawless, that parents should not bring their children to anti-war demonstrations, that she had not witnessed any incidents of police brutality, and other such garbage.

BBB Agent Tarte Classique, who just so happened to be carrying around cans of whipped cream and paper plates, made her/his way through the throng, announced "Pies for your lies!", and deposited a large plate of cream straight into Jolly's talking head.

Of course, Jolly is just a cog in the corporate media machine. This
phase of the BBB's "Operation: Shock & Awe" is meant to address not an individual telling lies, but rather, an entire corporate-industrial complex. The directors governing the media conglomerates also sit on the boards of the military weapons manufacturers and all of the other industries in an interlocking directorate of power. So, it is not really accurate or enough to just say, "the corporate media is biased." In point of fact, the corporate media IS the war, is the military, is the destruction of the environment, is the gentrification of our cities, is the criminalization of the poor and non-aryan and foreign-born...it is everything that we loath about this society.

During this time of global crisis, we don't expect pies to stop the
military. But rather, we will use them to subvert the dominant paradigm as an auxiliary activity to the more pressing ones such as militant demonstrations, blockades and occupations.

Cry havoc and let slip the pies of war,

Agent Apple for the BBB


"O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers...
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the pies of war."

-William Shakespeare
That Kicks Ass! 23.Mar.2003 02:33


That kicks ass!

I can think of several blow-dried corporate media tools in PDX who could use a pie in the face during LIVE BROADCASTS!

Whipped cream from a can and a couple of paper plates is all it takes.

Plus a little bit of good timing!

Someone, anyone, in Portland. PLEASE DO THIS!!

like it 23.Mar.2003 08:55


I marched in SF a couple of times in the last six months--they're very creative down there and not as pathologically polite as Portlanders. I like this tactic. There's nothing like an on camera pie in the face to pierce the veil of pomposity that enshrouds most of these hacks.