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Students to stage 1-hour anti-war Die-in in South Park Blocks, Sunday at 3:00

yay for the students!
This Sunday, we will be meeting downtown at the Park blocks (between Main & Park
Avenues, near the Portland Art Museum) at 3:00 for an hour of silence to protest
the war in Iraq. We will play dead during this time - this means it will be a
peaceful protest, not a riot that may get out of hand. We don't expect any
police involvement, although the cops may show up to snoop around. Musicians and
non-musicians alike are encouraged to bring instruments, so that at 4:00 we can
all play together. The weather forecast is predicting rain for Sunday, but we're
going to be there, rain or shine. If it is raining, bring a raincoat or pancho,
or a tarp to lie down on. (It seems more realistic to have our faces in the mud,
as I would imagine dead soldiers would, but I doubt that will very pleasant.)

Tell your friends!
yes! 23.Mar.2003 13:21


i'll be there although i'm not a student. i hope that's okay.

Peace Camp EVICTION THREATENED!! 23.Mar.2003 14:37

Terry Schrunk Park

After a couple of days of random snooping and vague threats, it appears the police are going to SWEEP THE CAMP at 4:00 PM Sunday!!

This is a completely peaceful, silent vigil (with a few drums) for an end to war on Iraq and there is no reason for the police to kick any one out (or kick anyone's ass)!

If you support the young peace campers who have maintained their vigil since Friday, please come to Terry Schrunk Park between the Federal Building on 3rd and City Hall on 4th RIGHT NOW!

Thank you!