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A letter to a friend...

A letter to a friend explaining why war is not the answer.
The scariest stuff I've read about the government has little to do with the war itself. It has more to do with the fact that the US government has decided to go forward with a war that much of the world does not want. It's about the US's defiance against international infrastructures that with some work could come up with peaceful solutions. As we speak, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqis are dying and not because Saddam has ordered them to stand around said military targets. War is not the answer here and many people and leaders around the world agree with this statement. The arrogance of the US government to defy the UN, the international court, the thousands of protests across this country and beyond, and to pass unconstitutional acts like the patriot act and the patriot 2 act...it's beyond my comprehension.
I've been doing my research and listening to reputable folks on many issues. One that caught my ear yesterday was the review of the arsenal that the US is using on Baghdad. We use this depleted uranium material in bullets, among other artillery. When the material hits metal, it melts and releases radioactivity. This radioactive material has a half life of 25 million years and has been sitting in Iraqi playgrounds where children play. Before anyone thinks that none of this affects the world and us here in the US, I ask them to remember that the weapons currently causing mass destruction in Iraq know no borders. Radioactivity released on any soil lives forever and impacts our ecosystem on a global scale. War may look pretty harmless on TV, but I ask US citizens to put themselves in the backyard of an Iraqi family in a bomb shelter, hoping that the US doesn't mistake it for a military target. Fact from the Persian Gulf war...the US generals identified what they thought were bomb shelters for soldiers and they turned out to be bomb shelters for several thousands of women and children. All they found were heaps of melted flesh.
How can people accept an administration that levels a city of 5 million people with this kind of artillery and is proud of a bombing campaign called Shock and Awe? We invaded a country and Bush is already preparing to invade several others. Who can honestly sit in their living room and endorse such an act of aggression towards a country that did not invade us? What could anyone possibly say to justify the killing of over 100,000 people (estimated by the UN), the destruction of the environment, and the release of radioactive material with a half life of 25 million years?
If anyone thinks that this is all in the name of curbing terrorism, military action won't work. The Israelis have been trying this for over 50 years and the results to both Israel and the Palestinians, never mind the entire middle east, have been devastating. Due to Bush's plan to act as the "arm of the Lord" in a country that is supposed to have separation of church and state, we can all look forward to more terrorism, more destabilization of the world, and less human security for all. There is no evidence (and this really is a fact) that Saddam was linked to 9/11. The US government has tortured people (citizens and immigrants) to get this information and they have come up with nothing. Unfortunately, people really believe that the government doesn't lie so 40% of US citizens actually believe that Saddam caused 9/11. The hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. While the administration is feeding the media with praises and justification of hate and destruction, Congress is passing legislation that is robbing you and me of our constitutional freedoms and rights...the same rights and freedoms that we are supposedly fighting for.
Read the international newspapers. When one gets away from the lies of mainstream US media, it's obvious that Bush has isolated the US. If one looks at history, one will also find that the US has been an aggressor frequently over the course of several hundred years. We need a leader who is interested in peace and peaceful ways to get there. We need a leader who is interested in human security. The world needs this. The world does not need the arrogance, aggression, and imperialism of our current administration.
Shock and Awe 23.Mar.2003 11:31

John W johnwhopkins@attbi.com

I've heard on the news that "Shock and Awe" was invented by Donald Rumsfeld and his cohorts. The truth is, it was invented by the germans in 1939, it's called "Blitzkrieg" and it should enjoy all the inhumane associations with Nazism that followed in the wake of it's invention.