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what can i expect if i get arrested

what if i get arrested?
I have been a very quiet good little cog my whole life. Last saturday I went to my first ever protest; I feel very strongly that we should not be killing people in Iraq.

I work for a major corporation. I think they will fire me if I get arrested but I'm not sure.

i'm also worried that if i got arrested no other office would hire me. every paplication i fill out (I'm an accountant) asks if I have been convicted of anything. I'm afraid if I had to say yes I would never be able to get a new job.

I've heard of many poeple who just say thier name is jane doe when they are arrested, does that prevent any charges? how long are these people typically held? do they get ruffed up in jail?
No,you wont 22.Mar.2003 14:26

f f

No you wont get fired for going to a peace protest.
You will likely get a very small charge(disorderly conduct for example)

one thing 22.Mar.2003 14:29


Well on most applications I have seen it says "Have you ever been convicted of a felony", which civil disobediance is not.

I've also heard that the people that got arrest Thursday, where released with a ticket if they gave their name.

I am not a lawyer 22.Mar.2003 14:40


expect boredom.

expect burly men who are very small inside to try to intimidate you.

more boredom.

the anonimity only works if A LOT of others are doing "jail solidarity" we need more discussion and training on this.

probably misdimeanor disorderly conduct will be the charge.

above all, don't worry. having a rap sheet filled with charges for civil disobedience in the struggle for truth and justice is good for the soul.


Why not 22.Mar.2003 16:23

an idea

...work for yourself? Then you won't have to worry about the big bad boss. There's a need for number-skilled folks like you amongst those who still have to deal with the capitalist system in some fashion and they'd probably much rather deal with a siter than HR block or some republican number cruncher-best of luck to you

two arrests in two days 22.Mar.2003 17:01

rosie bintender


I was arrested, booked, briefly jailed and then released on both Thursday and Friday nights for "disorderly conduct/failure to disperse"-- which is a ticket, not unlike a speeding ticket, except you can't just send in your money. There's a court date and time, which for both of my tickets is downtown, weekday, midddaytime. I'm told that many people with this charge work it off thru community service. The jail support volunteer activists (503-236-7916) are doing an awesome job of documenting and tracking what happens to people from the time they get arrested to the time they get released, givng us rides home afterwards, hookin us up with the movement lawyers. They know a lot and can answer your questions.

I don't know what kind of background checks people have to go thru where you work, but there are people I worked with at PDX airport who had much more serious stuff on their records (drunk driving, assault, etc.), and not for any organized, deliberate reasons of conscience, either, and they passed background checks.

It seems the more people you can get arrested with, (or in the same time period for the same charges) the better off all of you will be. You will run less risk of being personally singled out for ill treatment, you'll have companions for support and advice, and chances are you'll be put thru the legal system together.

From arrest to release took from 11:20 pm to 1:20 pm or so on Thursday night, and from about 8 pm to 2:15 am Friday night. I didn't give my personal info, just a single nickname, on Thurs nite, until I was told that either I could stay in jail the whole weekend or I could get out of jail with just a ticket (called "citing out") by giving my info (full name, ssn, dob, weight, height, phone number and home address, describe your tattoos) and consenting to be photographed and fingerprinted (which they apparently decided not to do.) On Fri nite, I went ahead and gave my info, but they wanted to book us through the full Multnomah County system, multiple sets of fingerprints including digitally scanned ones, mug shots, more paperwork and waiting around.

I think the tactic of withholding personal info is done in mass arrests of relatively large numbers of protesters, especially when you're anticipating more and more arrests, with the purpose of getting everyone in there, putting the cops in a position where they can't really do anything with you other than let you go. I believe it's done with the hopes of slowing things down enough in general that it could deter cops from arresting more nonviolent protesters, building a sense of solidarity and strength among the participants, and even getting a kind of bargaining power together to make demands from the system. I don't know how much sense it makes as an individual tactic, but that would depend on the individual's goals (have fun... see to what lengths they'll go to figure out a deal with you... see what happens when they have to book you by your nickname...)The advantage of citing out is obviously the time factor-- you can get right back out to do whatever you need to do.

The arrest part is by far the most upsetting of the whole deal. The emotional state that the cops are in is angry, abusive, insulting, authoritarian, aggressive, unpredictable and unreasonable. Lots of yelling, weapons, chemicals, handcuffs etc. After that, it's a bit more surreal, a kind of human filing system, a weird ritualistic blandness. Nonviolent peace protesters are a pretty privileged creature to be passing thru there, and I suspect a few of the employees are somewhat amused by us.

Good luck. Follow your conscience.

the doe family 22.Mar.2003 17:11


didnt they just let the does go with checks for their cash made out to their aliases?

What To Expect 22.Mar.2003 18:48


You'll get laid by a fellow Chomskybrat, guaranteed.

become a sex toy. 22.Mar.2003 19:06


if they crime is bad enough, you can become a sex toy in prison.

my cash reimbursed in check to Jane Doe 23.Mar.2003 02:55


Yes, I refused to give my name when arrested. I eventually gave my name at the jail and when my belongings were returned to me, I was given a check instead of my original cash. The check was made out to "Jane Doe"

I was given a phone number that I can call to complain but they were unsure if I would be able to have the check reissued to my own name. Call the jail and complain if this happened to you. They have no right to take your money.