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An Unusual Thesis for Your Consideration

I have a thought about the effects of our resistance, a thought that is likely to be unpopular, but one that I wish you to consider honestly.
Fellow Activists - I think we are having a positive effect on the war.

Yes. Our nation is engaged in an imperialist economic war.
Yes. The motivation for this war is racist capitalism.
Yes. The war should stop immidiately.

However, I think that we have stood with the rest of the world in raising a unified voice of oposition against this imperialist aggression, and I think that in doing so, we have positively affected the course of hostilities.

I believe that despite our best intentions for a free world, we must regretably accept the fact that this war was inevitable from the moment George Bush was handed the U.S. Presidency. We must also accept the fact that despite our best efforts, the U.S. will remain in imperialist power in Iraq for a very long time.

But consider:

We have stood in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in opposing this war from the first moment the U.S. government announced its intentions toward Iraq.

We have stodd in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in opposing this war from the moment the first bombs fell in Baghdad last Wednesday.

I posit that as a result of our unified opposition, the imperialist war machine has scaled back the scope and approach of its attack. If we accept that the war was innevitable, then we can only take this as very good thing. That our opposition has forced the capitalists to minimize casualties, we can only take as a very tangible victory.

If we can agree that the U.S. is likely to under-count casualties, and that the Iraqi government is likely to over-count them, then we can see that this has been a relatively bloodless war so far. The Iraqi numbers are 250 wounded and 3 killed in Baghdad. I am arguing that were it not for our international pressure on the U.S. government, these numbers would be far greater.

I am not advocating a change in our message. I am not advocating a change in our tactics. I am not advocating a change in our vociforosity.

I am advocating that we continue to take back the streets in the name of peace. I am advocating loud, populous rallies and marches in highly visible situations. I am advocating a continuance of direct action against the mechanisms of proffit. I am advocating that we continue to add our voices to the one voice of world opposition to capitalist imperialism.

Yet, we should take to heart that we have had a very positive effect on the course of this illigal and morally untenable, yet (due to the corrupt American political system) unavoidable war.

Yours in solidarity.