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Bagdad Cafe candlelight vigil continues

Keeping the light of reason and hope shining in an increasingly dark world
Small group invites Bagdad Cafe/Hawthorne neighbors and friends to join ongoing sidewalk candlelight vigil. As we meet from 7 to 8 p.m. at 37th & Hawthorne, we echo Sunday night's (3/16) global vigil for peace and hope, keeping the light of reason burning. Nightly vigils will be held until further notice. Contact  susipsych@yourjourneys.net for more info.

Peace be with you.
that's great! human shields at the bagdad.... 22.Mar.2003 15:01

No War Waite

we went to the bagdad at about 5:30pm after the terry shrunk protest on Thurs. the 20th. no other protesters were there but we set up a huge banner at the corner outdoor table and hung out for a few hours and got many honks, waves, peace signs, etc. from both car and pedestrian traffic. We also had the opportunity to talk with different people about the war and made some progress explaining the No War position- dispelling myths- ie, that the protesters support Saddam, or don't support the troops, etc. I think it's a valuable, fun, and legal way to get the message out there. Human Shields Unite at the Bagdad!