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meeting 2pm at psu in the smith memorial union, third floor.
There will be a meeting today saturday the 22 to organize our efforts to shut this city down. We must come up with a plan of action or we will keep getting our asses kicked by the cops. There has been very little strategy so far and only minor outreach to the greater community. If we really want to make a crack in the empire it will take more than spray paint and slogans.

Also it's time to start to think about covert action against strategic targets. Stay away from the mass marches and do real damage.
let's do this right 22.Mar.2003 12:32


now we are thinking.....
let's put our minds together and shut this place down. let's get organized.

(( 22.Mar.2003 12:35


the best tactic, and one the police cannot monitor (via sites like this), is to use the marches as a camoflauge. Take that as you will. Do not question your actions: you will know when they are noble. We are the people and our will be done.

Pure Provocateur 22.Mar.2003 14:03

Pere Goric pere_goric@yahoo.com

use the marches as a camoflauge

It's nice when the provocateurs are this obvious!

Use the marches as marches. If you have a message, say it out loud! The power in these protests comes from honest passion. The best way to destroy a message of peace is to stain it with violence.

Be courteous to the police, and photograph them at every opportunity. Take notes. If you see something, confirm it with other witnesses. If you see someone who appears to be looking for a fight, be it cop or be it protestor, point it out to everyone around you. Don't let our voices be silenced by posers and frauds.

Drat! 22.Mar.2003 15:53

David B.

Looks like I missed it, mostly because of the very late notice.

Any other such meetings planned?

Portland, OR

Your voices have been heard 22.Mar.2003 17:32


Your voices have been heard. Every one of your arguments has been heard. Only 20% of Oregonians feel the way you do. Democracy is not screaming until everyone agrees with you.
If it is so painful for you to be in the minority move to France.

Tot wers a fake 22.Mar.2003 18:09

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minority? 22.Mar.2003 19:55

Dr S

Only 20% of Oregonians disagree with the war? My ass! The way surveys are conducted are shameful. In general, they aren't random. The questions can be manipulative. There's a huge difference between: "Do you think Sadam Hussein should be in power?" and "Do you agree with the U.S. invading Iraq?" Look at the fine print of the survey, not just the numbers.