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why is this really long poem the top feature???

once again
why is this really long narrative poem a feature in times of massive mobilization? This is really not going to make people want to read indymedia for breaking news. and it sure as hell isnt gonna get people in the streets MAKING news.

I read poetry, and love poems, but this is war, and people are still in jail, and still in the streets. Can we have some more pratical features?

The guidelines for features are very broad on the features page, but in my opinion (and i have been reading indymedia for a couple years) this is not consistent with numbers 2 & 4, not enough info, and not in line with indymedia culture, which values direct action and street solidarity more than poetry. And that is not a dis-- I write poems, and read them. But not here,and not featured for goodness sakes.
volunteer 22.Mar.2003 12:46


Well really art & community expression is important enough to feature. It also fulfills the criterion roughly. I didn't put it up, and think it probably should have waited until someone creates a page that catalogues all the things that have occured. In the meantime I am putting up all live info & events I see. Is that better?