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Old Europe greets New America!

Message from germany: I am one of hundred thousands antiwar activists in germany.
Lets join together in a worldwide movement against war and capitalism! Together we have the power to smash the plutocracy and her servants worldwide! Lets work together to end this bloody war!
Brave people of the antiwar movement in the United States! The german antiwar movement greets you! On the internet I have read about the powerful manifestation of yur protests in the cities of the USA. Also in germany there are hundred thousands in the streets. This was only the beginning! We dont trust the corporate media when they say, AMERICA (meaning the people) is doing the massacres in Iraq.
Dont trust the lies of the corporate media, that the german and french people are „anti-american". That is bullshit! We are enemies of the oil mafia behind Bush and the plutocracy. Only together we can smash the axis of evil of Bush, Aznar, Blair and all the servants of the worldwide super Cosa Nostra.
Together we can change the world!
Lets form together a transatlantic axis to build a new world, The Old Europe together with you, The New America, and together with the people in the whole world.
They, the plutocracy, are perhaps thousands, but we are millions and we will overthrow them, if we come together.
Brave activists of the antiwar movement in the USA, we love you, you are our brothers and sisters!
Bush and his gang must go to Den Haag!
drunk bush 22.Mar.2003 11:46


whos leader?? not mine
drunk bush
drunk bush

RIGHT FUCKIN ON! 22.Mar.2003 14:17


there's been an incredibly concerted effort, as usual, to pit the working class (non-elite) peoples of the world against one another - for instance, to make europe believe that all americans hate them because they don't support the bush junta's hateful, shameful insanity, and to make americans believe that europe views each and every one of us as the "ugly americans" that will be parading their vain, vapid arrogance on the oscars tomorrow night, just like every night. i never believed it for a second.

it's encouraging to hear voices from europe that acknowledge just how many americans are laboring to manifest compassion, dignity, love and respect. much love, much respect to all of us, us human beings.