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warning! "great new anti-war site" LIE!

Racel Corrie Disinformation
be warned that the post "great new anti-war site" is a lie - it's really a link to a site that says that the murder of Rachel Corrie was an "accident."
an interesting tactic, huh? use lies on your headline to teach others your "truth." may the poster of this nonsense be enlightened someday.
peace and propoganda 22.Mar.2003 12:15


i'm in the streets on the daily. this is my fight as much as it is yours. so listen to what I say based on respect for a common cause.

you may choose to believe one or another of the many accounts of rachel corrie's death. which one is immaterial to what i have to say.

always remember that truth is an absolute. the rest is propoganda. though i would not doubt that the sight you decry is misinformation, so is the indy media's use of photographes taken on a different day from her death.

whether or not Rachel Corrie's death was or was not murder (like i said, what i believe to be true doesn't mean squat to anyone but me)the TRUTH REMAINS UNCHANGED. Rachel Corrie was there to fight racism, oppression and systematic murder and demoralization of a people imposed brutally by the israeli regime, backed 100% by their arms dealers in the united states.

If she is to be a martyr, let her be one for the truth she represented from the moment she picked up her first bullhorn to the moment she died beneath the tank treads of the occupying army in Palestine. Don't cheapen her example by propagandizing it.

We should all be so strong,.