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PLAY DEAD PROTEST - This Sunday from 3-4 PM!
Participate in an hour of perfect silence in protest of the war in Iraq.
Meet at the SW Park blocks between Main and Park Avenues.
Musicians and non-musicians alike are encouraged to bring instruments to play at 4:00.
This Sunday, we will be meeting downtown at the Park blocks (between Main & Park Avenues, near the Portland Art Museum) at 3 PM for an hour of silence to protest the war in Iraq. We will lie perfectly motionless and play dead during this time - this means it will be a peaceful protest, not a riot that may get out of hand. We don't expect any police involvement, although the cops may show up to snoop around. Musicians and non-musicians alike are encouraged to bring instruments, so that at 4:00 we can all play together. The weather forecast is predicting rain for Sunday, but we're going to be there, rain or shine. If it is raining, bring a raincoat or pancho, or a tarp to lie down on. (It seems more realistic to have our faces in the mud, as I would imagine dead soldiers would, but I doubt that will very pleasant.)

Tell your friends!

phone: phone: 503-223-3236
address: address: 1811 NW Couch Street Apt. 409 Portland, OR 97209

Got a Clue??? 22.Mar.2003 17:03

I Don't

What was up with a line of signs saying NO WAR NO WAR NO WAR then some lady holding a sign that said NO MEAT.
Sorry Wrong Topic! We're protesting Purple M&M's today.

And gee, there must not be any economist out there. The war cost big business billions of dollars a day in lost sales / revenue. Corporate America wants this war to end quickly. So if you are protesting Corporate America, you must be pro war.

And then, I have to ask. Do you all support Sadam? He's the Hitler of the Middle East. King Chemical. Supplied and trained by the French and Germans. Ya know, the ones that tested the chemicals on the Jews. Now it's time for Corporate Germany to make a little profit on the science they profected.

Anti War. You mean 'ANTI CLUE' cause you don't have one!

Sounds refreshing - 22.Mar.2003 19:29


This seems like an excellent act - and I will be there.

great idea 22.Mar.2003 21:35

bobby rush

This is my second attemt at saying this, but RIGHT ON. Idig the idea of an hour of silence followed by a massive uprising of sound and fury. In D.C. these types of protests were called PUNK PERCUSSION PROTESTS, and everyone brought drums and made a hella racket. Very effective.....Of course with a solid base of educational lierature along with it so everyone gets the thing crystal clear.

note. for the WHERE IS YOUR ANGER? people 22.Mar.2003 21:50

james carr

Think of it as protest lite. I love it cause I want my child to go and bang on shit with her peers. CRASHHHHHHHHH

I'll be there 22.Mar.2003 23:41


Sounds like a good relief from the blisters I've acquired. I'll be there with chalk in hand. See also


... I've been posting these around town, my neighborhood, under parked car wipers 3/20 demo... Laser printers don't bleed in rain, and neither do xerox's.