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please make event times & places top features!!

Can we please have events be the top features instead of long narratives about the day before? Many of us do not have the ime to wade through all the posts with non-descript titles to find the calls to action being posted. Also, if they stay in the wire, they get pushed off the main page really fast. Can this be a priority ?
I have heard of a gathering happening in the Sq at 4pm, and rumors of one on the waterfront at 2pm, but that took 8 posts to find out, and nothing concrete. Mnay of us want either breaking news about shit going down as it is happening, or info about where to go when. Can this be the top feature?
agree 22.Mar.2003 11:43


I completely agree. THis is a tremendous resource for the community and at this crisis stage we should educate each other about actions.

i agree 22.Mar.2003 12:03


let's get moving & save the commentary for LATER!@!!!

I wholeheartedly agree 22.Mar.2003 21:56


How can we get the numbers neccesary when no one is aware of whats going on? When everyone's finished patting themselves on the back for thursday night can we please get masses of people off the sidewalks again? I understand that we can't be public about plans if we expect to be successful, but I have spent the last 2 evenings sitting and searching downtown for fellow political dissidents. I know you are out there. I myself am not satisfied with standing in a circle with candles in pioneer square and going home at 9:15. Come out of the corners. I'll be the redhead with the slight build standing around with my boyfriend looking menacing.