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What is Wrong with U.S.?

attack and kill brown people
I and everyone in my community are for the war. We stand behind our president 100 percent in his choice to attack and kill brown people who live far away. I stood behind him when he was the governor of Texas and was allowing minority people to be executed regularly and with gusto. I believe that our religious, compassionate, intelligent president is making the best choice for America, violently bombing millions of people to get one person that he doesn't like very much. Although he has been part of the crew that supplied Hussein with his weapons, I believe President Bush has the right to change his mind and decide when and how to kill large groups of people.

I am disgusted with the people here and the world over who cannot get behind our peace-loving government, who cannot get behind our sensitive, intelligent and caring soldiers driving heavy machinery, laden with the latest technological advancements in weaponry into a poor country riddled with sanction-caused starvation and disease to destroy an area of the planet that houses some of the oldest known cultures in history.

How can people be so selfish that they will not shut the hell up, close their minds and eyes and stand directly behind this uncorruptable administration and help fight this extremely noble and justiied war? You make me sick.