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Cover up at Channel 12?

Channel 12 photographer thrown to the ground and arrested last night. The police accused him of grabbing them and trying to steal their bike. The reporter present said he was running behind and saw no such thing. The early live report was very supportive of the demonstration, and very critical of the police violence. By the 10pm broadcast, the entire story had disappeared!
Last evening at around 7pm, channel 12 news broadcast a live report from downtown, where non-violent protesters were being beaten and pepper sprayed by police. The reporter was speaking off camera while a live picture from their helicopter was broadcast. the reporter announced that his photographer was, as he spoke, being cuffed and shoved into a police van. He said the photographer had been thrown to the ground by the rioting police, that he had been arrested, and his camera had been seized by the police.

According to the reporter during the live broadcast, the police claimed that the photographer had grabbed a police officer, and had attempted to take the officer's bike, and that's what proimpted their swift and violent response. However, the reporter had been running behind the photographer at the time, and did not witness the photographer accosting an officer. Instead, they were merely rushing behind attempting to photograph the event.

Later, a police spokesperson--who was not present at the event--claimed that there "must have been some sort of mistake" and that it appeared that the photographer must have "inadvertently touched an officer, which would have been inappropriate during an arrest situation."

At the time of the live broadcast, the reporter was critical of the police, and was supportive of the non-violent protesters. I watched the 10pm broadcast to find out what happened with the reporter, but there was no mention of this story at all. Instead, the entire, taped show was about how violent protesters were, how Portlanders support the police and feel the protesters are misbehaving, and how Lars Larson's audience supports the pollice "overwhelmingly."

WHAT HAPPENED between 7pm and 10pm to change the story so completely? Was it the fact that channel 12 is owned by FOX, which is highly conservative and has ties to the Bush administration?
Turn off your televison NOW 22.Mar.2003 11:43

madame lafarge

You are being duped! Turn of the machine and it will no longer have control over you. Resistance if futile as long continue to ask why corporate media is not covering the revolution.

I also want to know 22.Mar.2003 12:09

about this

Corporate media=mind control. I saw this also, and I am outraged that they would cover this story up. I wonder if the guy who reported live from the scene, telling what he saw instead of what his corporate sponsors would like him to say, still has a job? Also, did you see the war coverage where they referred to the murder of innocent civilians as a "game"?

Check your sources 22.Mar.2003 12:11

Aaron mitigated-disaster@db0.net

Check your sources: KPTV 12 is owned by Meredith Broadcasting, not FOX. Meredith also owns KPDX 49.

Other media owners in town:

KATU 2: Fisher Communications (HQ in Seattle)
KOIN 6: Emmis Communications (HQ ???)
KGW 8: King Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Belo Media (HQ in Dallas)

To postman the goomba 22.Mar.2003 17:54


You stupid shit. If you were actually there, as I was, then you would have seen that the corporate media blokes were the people who started smacking people around. One of them brought a brown shirted thug who assaulted everyone in his wake so the fuckhead with the camera could get the "good shot."

Also, for the record, I also saw the incident reported here and elsewhere involving the corporate news asshole spitting on that girl's camera. Only it didn't look like the channel 8 guy to me -- that was the guy with the thug pushing people. I think the spit guy was actually from channel 6, and I was standing next to a woman from channel 6, who was snickering as he did it, and the two of them appeared to be together. Disgusting.

Now that's a bad job 23.Mar.2003 01:51

Ed Murrow

Reporters and cameramen are getting it from both sides now.

The cops are beating them up physically and the protesters are abusing them verbally in these postings.

Sounds like an incrediblt shitty job to me.

These mostly poor and working class people who go into a field that pays CONSDIDERABLY less than the same skills bring at other occupations must really want to spread the corporate lie. Why else would they endure all the bullshit? They are not being rewarded finacially.

It would be helpful if we stopped the "coporate media" bleeting, drop the sweeping generalizations and open our minds.

Why are they so afraid of us that they bring "thugs?"

Definitely sounds like a bad relatiosnhip.

poor reporters my ass 23.Mar.2003 07:35

bully basher

so they can get a good shot of the action- weren't you listening

they bring thugs to push people out of there way

Fuck the corporate media 23.Mar.2003 07:45


<<Why are they so afraid of us that they bring "thugs"?>>

Because we speak the truth, and we're onto their lies. That's why. Yes, corporate media people are "just doing their jobs." Their job is to sell us to their corporate sponsors. In order to do that, they lie. When we refuse to be part of their ratings game, they bring thugs to shove us out of the way of their money shots.

I saw the channel 12 thing too. I'm ashamed to admit I saw it, because that means I was watching tv. (In my defense, I was called there by someone else...I can quit any time I want, man.)

Anyway, I also thought the cops probably figured they had an indy person. They've been going after independent media people already -- arresting them, harrassing them, taking their cameras. I thought it was funny, that they picked the wrong person. I thought the channel 12 audience, at least, would finally realize we don't just make this shit up -- the cops DO harrass, lie, make false arrests. Here was proof! They picked out a guy with a camera, threw him to the ground and arrested him. BUT, he was a fine upstanding citizen. And, there was a CORPORATE MEDIA WITNESS! YEH!

The live coverage was great. It almost made me think we should allow channel 12, and only channel 12, to cover some of the radical actions without camera blocking. Then came the grand slam. 10pm, and the story was gone. Disappeared from the screen. All I saw was that fat ass larson guy, and a long treatise on how "violent" the protesters were. What was I THINKING to imagine any corporate media outlet would actually tell the truth. It only slipped by momentarily by accident because the original report was live. They didn't have the opportunity to shut the story down.

Oh, and "Aaron," channel 12 is AFFILIATED with FOX. You appear to be offended by the assertion that they are "owned" by them. Whatever, man. Your posts iin other places on this site show what an objective, unbiased, resonably guy you are. So I'm sure you only posted that to correct any misunderstanding, not just to be a jackass. Perhaps you'd like to correct some spelling too, while you're here. I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

as far as not being there 23.Mar.2003 08:13


some of us cannot be there for one reason or another. i myself would love to be a part of history here in portland, but find that the protests have become too violent for my slow and pregnant self. does everyone who watches the event on television have to have an excuse? and don't blame the reporter if their story is axed. it more than likely wasn't their fault.

somthing in this field 23.Mar.2003 11:28


kptv probably didn't rerun the story due to thier cameraman still being in jail at the time of showing.

aswell they may not be reporting any facts of the arrest until all the police reports have been submitted. if the officers know what version or defences the cameraman is going to take the officers very well may retroactively change thier version of events. basicaly I would let the cops write thier reports and get them submitted so they can't change thier story. then after they know what the charges are cover the story. but not try the case in the media just yet.

I don't think this is going to go unaswered. thier is some irony that the local police are being repressive to tv news while the military is giving unprecedented access to embeded media during a war.

Meredith Broadcasting 23.Mar.2003 20:45


To add information that was missing, Meredith Broadcasting (who owns and operates both KPTV-12 and KPDX-49) is headquartered in Des Moines Iowa.

They not only control two television stations in Portland, they also own and operate KFXO-39 in Bend Oregon.

They control a sizable print media as well, including 16 well known magazines such as 'Ladies Home Journal', 'Better Homes and Gardens', 'Do it yourself'.

Because of the amount of media they control, I would consider them to be even more corporate than any other except Channel 2 (owned and operated by Fisher Broadcasting ) which is part of the largest broadcast group in the Northwest.

not owned by fox 23.Mar.2003 22:54


the portland fox station is not owned by the fox broadcasting company. meridith corp.