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How the Police Work.
Watch the cops. Watch how they move. On thursday I studied the movements of the police considerably, trying to figure out their next move. They work geometrically, bisecting and seperating protestors at every chance they get. And Thursday, they were very successful at their task. People need to anticipate their stradegies, as it is very easy to predict their movements by watching them. Tactically, they've got us beat, but there exist ways to get around them successfully. The action that occurred on Thursday to reclaim I-5 was a perfect example of how they work. They marched up the Bridge, five wide fifty long. They didn't fan out to engage us line to line, they spiked us. As they approached, peoples natural inclination was to break the line that held the bridge, move to the side and then get behind them. At this point they could successfully fan out and bisect the crowd. This is what they're trying to do. Seperate by halfs until all are dispersed. People need to look behind them as well as in front. Leaders of Marches (people in front) need to send out spikes off the front and instruct them to regroup. The cops like to park there cars, get out, get the shields out of the trunk, have a diet coke nearby. We've got to keep the moving. If they pin us down they'll form geometric shapes that undermine our protests. Keep at it all- I'll be beside you, but look up and see how they move. We've got more than they do.
turn tactics back 22.Mar.2003 10:10


it's the old divide and conquer. we can employ similar methods by using our numbers to stay together when we want to and to split them thin when its good for us. staying organized is the key to anarchy. lol

wrong 22.Mar.2003 10:38


I think a better approach is dividing ourselves into small affinity groups working autonomously. If we keep actions to 5-10 minutes, hit and then get out of there, the police can't keep up. That way we minimize confrontation, eliminate violence as a possibility, keep tactics orderly, and destroy the lame mob mentality that reigns.

See why they act the way thay do? 22.Mar.2003 10:49


Well POPO, you are right. I can only imagine how long it took you to learn how to spell fuck. Go crawl back into your grade school cave and leave us alone.