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Provocatures at peace demonstrations

If you see people at peace demonstrations, as I did on Thursday, that walk through the crouwd pushing people, or stand by, when the robo cops come up by the demonstrators in attack mode, and yell "There are more of us than the cops lets kick their ass'", followed by, "kill em...", do not let these provocatures get away with this shit. Shout them down by saying what they are, ie. "Don't listen to the provocatures", or "Provocatures go home". Peace.
There were provocatures at 3rd and Burnside Thursday nite. I was pushed from behind by a white male, aporx. 32 years, 6 foot tall, 185 lbs, dark hair, long sleeve dark grey fleece shirt with white monogram on left brest, dark baseball cap, large silver glasses, gotee, tatoo on right calf, and tennis shoes, who was walking fast down off the burnside bridge on the south side of the stree. While I was looking back over my shoulder to see who pushed me, a women with dirty blonde shoulder length hair got rite in my face and asked me if the guy just pushed me. I said, yeah, as I watched this guy push more people in their backs as he made his way down the bridge. That did it, I went to investigate. He was out in the median at 3rd and Burnside talking with the bee bicycle cops pointing his finger south down 3rd and East (back) down Burnside, when the blonde, showed up next to the pushing guy and joined rite in the conversation as if everyone knew each other. I video taped this rondeavous. The dirty blonde women is , white, looks about in her mid to late 30's, aprox 5'8", aprox 150+ lbs, light grey pull over with a dark stripe across her chest just below the top of her bullet proof vest, and black light jacket. I followed the pushing guy as he left the cops to go back up Burnside tword the sit down at 2nd and Burnside. Suprise, he was pushing people as he walked into the crowd twords the middle of the crowd. I caught up with this geek twords the middle of the crowd as he was pushing on a bunch of 20 something guys and asked him why he was walking through the crowd pushing people.
I also said I thought he was acting like an asshole and asked him if he was a cop. He puffed himself up, placed his bulletproof vest on my chest and said he was going to take me out of the crowd and kick my ass. Immediately the guys in the crowd, who were previously being pushed by the geek cop, grabbed his ass and through him southeast twords the edge of the crowd. Thanks guys!
This cop was definately a provocature. If you see these people doing their bullship provocations, shout them into shame and ineffectualness by shouting, "Provocatures go home," or "Don't listen to the provocatures."


Interesting 22.Mar.2003 09:29



So you just figured out that there are people within your protest group have other agendas that have nothing to do with anti-war? What a revalation it must be...

good work amiego 22.Mar.2003 09:40


thanks for info ....hope more intelligent life forms read it ...unlike the sillly little hate mongers that preceded me. I wonder why they are so afraid,,,,,people like that scare me as much as Bushie does.

Trying to understand - 22.Mar.2003 09:50


I'm sorry - but I'm confused about this idiot that was pushing people - was he an undercover cop? And the woman? It's not clear what his agenda was from your post -

worried 22.Mar.2003 09:55


Do you think they are also using the information we gave when we got arrested to know where we live? Can they give this info out to the rednecks? I'm gonna keep moving today so I don't get cuffed again.

Don't listen to the infantile jerks... 22.Mar.2003 10:00


It's a pathetic and shameful display of immaturity that someone
would try and express their harbored feelings of anger and pain
and loneliness through violence towards someone they don't even
know. It's just a meager attempt by them to try to deal with
something that went wrong somewhere in their life. They were hurt by their father, or not loved by their mother, or excluded by their friends, or humiliated by strangers, or they feel inadequate when they comapre themselves to others, or for some other reason that they keep hidden and locked away in their heart. The saddest thing is that people who are violent towards others, don't hate the other people, they really just hate themselves.

a reminder to the more experienced 22.Mar.2003 11:27


to GRINGO STARS, who i almost always appreciate posts from, and woodsmith, who i am not yet familiar with:

while you two and many, many others are very familiar with solidarity, security culture, and other aspects of being an activist in the streets including provocateurs and infiltrators, many others, particularly right now, are new and should not be ridiculed for their concerns. if you truly embrace a culture of solidarity, you defy your own code by ostracizing or belittleing a possible ally(ugh...allie? sorry.)

and if your posts were personal, you're choosing the wrong venue at the wrong time in *our*history, activist history, to play out a flame war or whatever.


see ya in the streets.

Purpose of provocatuers 22.Mar.2003 11:51


Sherry -- the purpose of the provocatuers (cops or not) is to divide the movement by encouraging the radicals to do shit which will alienate them from the more liberal protesters, and to demoralize everybody. By the way, I would say about 25 percent of the posts on Indymedia are by provocatuers. These assholes are simply trying to break up any solidarity which exists, and although I don't believe in censorship, I fear that this crap could render this site useless.

Ignore the Trolls 22.Mar.2003 13:49

Constitution Admirer

tsalagi - Whatcha talkin' about? A few trolls around won't render the site useless! No one listens to them anyway - and I really wish people would stop responding to them (although I am responding to YOU right now).