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Bush claimed in State of Union address that invasion of Iraq was to counter nuclear and bio/chemical weopon threats. This story somehow made it out on wire-service today, published in Eugene Register-Guard on Page A6. Perhaps propaganda front breached in same way yesterday's little known story about American government officials resigning over war:
A short but utterly remarkable news blurb published March 22 in the Eugene Register Guard reads:


CIA officials now say they communicated significant doubts to the administration about the evidence backing up charges that Iraq tried to purchase uranium from Africa for nuclear weapons, charges that found their way into President Bush's State of the Union address, a State Department "fact sheet" and public remarks by numerous senior officals.

That evidence was dismissed as a forgery early this month by United Nations officialss investigating Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs. The Bush administration does not dispute this conclusion.

Asked how the administration came to back up one of its principal allegations against Iraq with information its own itelligence service considered faulty, officials said all such assertions were carefully tailored to stay within the bounds of certainty. As for the State of the Union address, a White House spokesman said, "all presidential speeches are fully vetted by the White House staff and relevant U.S. government agencies for factual correctness."'

The story, appearing in the left hand bottom corner of page 6, has no attribution as to writer, but simply says, "From new service reports". So its unclear whether this is a maverick local reporter breaking form or a nationally distributed story. Whoever filled it had to be courageous.
Can't find link 22.Mar.2003 09:57


Can you supply a link? I have looked everywhere for this story but can't find it.

Congressional document 22.Mar.2003 11:04

Ptld resident

Intelligence used to justify the war is a hoax. Bush responsible of "breach of the highest order". Check out a letter from Rep. Henry Waxman to Bush. bwww.house.gov/reform/min/

CIA takes a leak on Dubya 22.Mar.2003 12:33


An interesting theory that W is being set up as a sacrificial lamb. By Mike Ruppert; I heard it on KBOO yesterday, in an interview.

There are serious signs of a major political revolt brewing in the United States - one that could end the Bush Presidency - George W. Bush still has his finger on the trigger and he knows that his only hope for survival is to pull it. U.S. and British intelligence agencies are leaking documents left and right disputing White House "evidence" against Iraq that has repeatedly been shown to be falsified, plagiarized and forged. Quiet meetings are being held in Washington between members of Congress and attorneys like Ramsey Clark discussing Bush's impeachment. Leaders of the World Trade Organization (WTO), as reported in a March 15 story in the International Herald Tribune have said, "All international institutions would suffer a loss of credibility if the one superpower appeared to be choosing which rules to obey and which to ignore." And a Rockefeller has called for an investigation of a Bush. On March 14 The Associated Press reported that W. Va. Senator Jay Rockefeller has asked the FBI to investigate forged documents which were presented first by Britain and then the United States showing that Iraq had been trying to purchase uranium from the African country of Niger for its weapons program. Of all the glaring falsehoods told by the administration the fact that these forgeries were noted by a Rockefeller may make them the second-rate Watergate burglary of the 21st century. (See Part II)

There are few things more closely connected to or identified with Bush family power than globalization and the Rockefellers. He has most likely failed both of them and both have the power to remove him.

Too much, too little, too late; at least as far as preventing a war and massive carnage is concerned. But these developments suggest that the real powers that be might be getting ready to have Bush impeached just as soon as he has humiliated the United States, started a World War leading to the deaths of perhaps millions of people, destroyed the efficacy of the United Nations and secured the Iraqi oil fields. This is a playing field which the biggest money might desire and for which it might be willing to offer a sacrifice if it becomes necessary. If the war turns out to be a dismal failure then the scapegoat has volunteered for his own hanging and there are signs that it is being prepared.

One thing is certain. If George W. Bush is removed from within, it will signal nothing other than a new "kinder, gentler" set of managers pursuing the exact same agenda as before. The dirtiest work will have been done.

COMING IN PART II - The signs of a pending coup as Bush, Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld are betrayed by a litany of former allies.

LINK TO THAT ARTICLE 22.Mar.2003 12:58


Here is the link to the Register-Guard article concerning the CIA doubts on uranium claims.


It's the 4th article down.