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Come to Bear Witness at the Armed Forces Recruiting Offices Vancouver, WA,

If you want violence, etc. this ain't the place. You're invited to join in a mindfulness vigil to bear witness at the Army Recruitng Center 1rst and E 164th in East Vancouver (NW corner of intersection), March 24th at 5:30pm.
The idea is simple. Bear witness to the war in your neighborhood. Watch the place of induction into the machine that is, ostensibly at our "command," doing deeds of violence in our name.

Watch yourself as you watch the recruiting office. Do you feel fear? Rage? Excitement? Sadness? Shame? Empathy? Moral superiority? Note that this office is staffed by people in your community, people who drink the same water as you, breathe the same air, etc. Can you just watch the recruiting center?

We will be standing in silent meditation for approximately 10 minutes. Then we will leave.

This should be at a time the recruiting center is open. We are there, after all, to bear witness, and to be mindful of who we are, and who ther recruiters are, in the hope that we all develop more compassion, wisdom, and generosity, and think of alternatives to violence, and to careers dedicated to violence.