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long live truth, justice, peace and freedom!!!!
I write this from Norway. I have arrived from the Human Shields Operation in Baghdad. What I now see are terrible and my heart bleeds.

I write this from Norway. I have arrived from the Human Shields Operation in Baghdad. What I now see are terrible and my heart bleeds.

I support the Iraqi people against their oppressors, the governments (dictatorships) of the US, England, Spain and Australia, ++. I wish them the worst and fierce resistance.

The countries and people supporting Iraq are manyfolds, but they are too weak to stand up against the terror of the US government. The Iraqis are happily not alone this time, even if that is what the US government try to let us imagine. We are grateful for the ones resisting in Iraq, San Francisco, where thousands of resisters are arrested these days, and other places around the globe.

People die all around the world in their fight against the US elected? government. The American Constitution doesn't any longer account, the US is at the present ruled by military forces. The Patriot Act I and II, together with The Department of Homeland Security shows this clearly. There is no freedom, no democracy according to the 4th of July 1776, Declaration of Independece and the chiming of the Liberty Bell.

In Norway we are going to have a direct action every day. We do have the Norwegian people and government on our side.

I hope people around the world will support the American people and the Iraqis in any kind of way, even with responding with so called terrorism. As many people as possible should target goals inside the US as fast as possible. It is no use to go to Iraq to fight. All American goals throughout the world are legal goals for actions, including American embassies.

The US this time has started a global revolution for unipower, a globe where all people are the same and live in the same global capitalistic society. They want to make a lawless world where the administration of the US should be the global sheriff and be like God if not more powerful.

France understands this, and many others, too. The English Parliament are split in two. Bush has started his crusade against the Arab world and more or less gone to war against what he see as "the old Europe". Now we have to stop him and his worldwide revolution.

Now we will see who supports and who doesn't. Austrians supported the Germans during the Second World War. In the end they lost. History shows that at the end every imperialist nation will loose, and together with them, their supporters.

I therefore send this plea to all people around the globe, and to the Arab people - do your best and do not in any way support the US government. Remember that all news channels are controlled by the American military forces with head office in Pentagon. Do not surrender. The US government and forces are not as strong as they would like to be.

Remember that Iraq is now a symbol of injustice and struggle against the New World Order. It is tragic that the Iraqi people now suffer. The struggle of the Iraqi people against ALL evil forces will continue, even stronger than before.

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