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M20 Day of War Protests in Portland - all indymedia stories collected

here's all the posts i could find on the March 20 protests, sorted into loose categories...
From the open publishing newswire, 9:26 p.m., Thurs., Mar. 20: Thousands of anti-war citizens taking to the streets put Portland traffic in great distress for the past six hours, closing I-5, I-84, and I-405 and closing major bridges and disrupting city bus services and after-work traffic. This huge city-wide protest resulted in many arrests of protestors who conducted a civil disobedience action by venturing out into highly dangerous Interstate traffic to stop the flow of fast-moving cars. Critical Mass bicyclers also backed up traffic when hundreds took over the downtown streets with their bikes, while a few groups of protestors clashed with police in various areas of Portland. [ Read more... ]


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? Come Downtown and Support the Protestors!
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? Using violence to stop violence? [sic]
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Video from blocking of I-5 on M20

Request for Information, Testimony, and Evidence
People with information regarding police misconduct at the protests are requested to give their contact information to the Legal Support Team. Call 503-236-7916. Please leave a message with your contact information, and say that you have evidence relating to police misconduct. If you were assaulted, file a complaint (503-823-0146) and get in touch with the Legal Support Team (again, 503-236-7916). [ Newswire post ]
This may be far fetched........ 22.Mar.2003 08:04


Hey guys. I was one of the many on both thursday and friday protests.It was inspiring to see so many people coming together to stand up for what they believe in, and it made me realize the potential people have when pulling together for a common cause. Indeed, unity of people is the only reason we have the rights we have today.
But, the whole time i was there something wasn't right. And i realized, after watching the events pass last night, that the manner in which we go about doing what we do might not be the best approach. I got into a long conversation with someone i met last night, and we both agreed what happened wasnt right. It didn't have the best of outcome, and we came to the conculsion that we were virtually fighting fire with fire. We were lashing out to get our point across. And in this day and age we live in,we have every right to be angry. But I know from experience, when people tell me something has to be done, if they demand it, even if i agree with the point, i will reject it. No body really learns from having a fact shoved down their throat.
So maybe a peaceful approach really is the way. Maybe we should organize and have drum circles and massive peaceful gatherings in the middle of the city. That way, people might be drawn, want to come in and chill. We might draw more people in that are more willing to open up and listen to what we have to say.
I think we feel pretty lost and detatched, and i think now more than ever people really need unity, and a sense of family. So maybe we can do what this nation claims to uphold, the fact that we stand unitedly. Wouldnt it rock to take their propeganda and use it against them? To actually create some sort of mass unity and awareness?
Just a thought. Please give me your comments, because i'd like to hear what ppl think.

Yeah and lets sell lots of peace trinkets 22.Mar.2003 09:04


To genie,

Yeah, lets make a big peace rally and have all sorts of booths for people to sell plastic peace signs made in China by slave labor. And lets have lots of paper flyers so we can help dessimate the forests. And we can have a big stage where all the egos can speak down to us. And we can have peace cops to keep us in line. And because we will have to have a permit and post a bond, and pay money we need buckets to stuff the cash into. And, then lets make sure all the speakers are white men. And, the leaders (white males) can let women come to their meetings but everytime women speak they will be interrupted. And, no people of color please! You know we need to keep our distance from them...

Sounds like a good time.

Yes Genie, Nobody Likes... 22.Mar.2003 11:08

Thomas cth@cthkin-dom.org

Yes Genie, nobody likes geting the truth shoved down their throats. Our problem is simply that so many of us are products of the state and corperate education system. We are always tempted to teach others in the way we were taugh, with self-rightiousness, and a blind disregard for the basic humanity of those we would teach. We can do better, but it will take lots of trial and error for us to learn how.

security 22.Mar.2003 17:15

zak attack

Those who would trade a little security for more freedom, deserve NO FREEDOM AT ALL!!
Please keep in mind that not all Jewish people condone the current illegal actions of Isreal. They are our brothers and sisters. WE NEED TO DO THIS TOGETHER!

forgot one story 23.Mar.2003 02:08


don't forget #50137...farcical, except for the real bicycle that got crushed by the real truck, and the real cyclist arrested while trying to make a police report on the matter.

uh 15.Mar.2004 14:08

if i am not incorrect

I belive that NO ONE took anything except half the bridge on m20

freestate bernside and
the hiway were on DAy X

get your militant takeovers right yo