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Impeachment Resolution Action Coalition

We are a group supporting the Impeachment Resolution written by Professor Francis A. Boyle. We are petitioning our Representatives to endorse the Resolution and informing people about the move towards Impeachment.
Impeachment Resolution Action Coalition (IRAC)-
This is a local grassroots organization working towards Impeachment. It is based around action to garner support for the Resolution to Impeach George W. Bush written by Frances A. Boyle, Law Professor at the University of Illinois, and legal counsel for Amnesty International. He is offering his legal services for free to any representative who introduces the Impeachment Resolution into congress. We are focusing on the state of Oregon and our five Representatives in the House. We are mainly focused on signature gathering on district specific petitions that we will approach the Reps with as evidence of the demand from their own constituency. As of now we have about 3000 signatures(in about three weeks with a limited number of volunteers) and we are continuing to spread the word of the Resolution and the petition supporting it. We are in the process of forming relationships with existing groups that are likely to share in this common goal. We are working on getting copies of the blank district specific petitions onto the web so that they can be printed off, however, we do not intend to create a web based petition. We are currently meeting weekly on Wednesdays, 9:30 pm at 602 NE Prescott (the church on the corner of 6th & Prescott). And on weekends we will be opening a store space on SE 37th, just north of Hawthorne next to the Buffalo Exchange, starting on March 22nd. There we will have t-shirts & stickers for sale, info about the movement, and of course petitions. Any inquiries, requests for further information and offers to get involved email:  impeachment_resolution@yahoo.com