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I support revolution, but its not here friends

The time for revolution is not now. The workingclass does not believe capitalism should be overthrown. People do not know about anti-hierarchical societies, and only a small priveledged elite actually think in these terms. For those reasons revolution would be a mistake.
As someone who has some experience in the labor movement, it is obvious to everyone that the workers and bureaucrats are not anti-state and are not anti-capitalist. They don't believe in democracy, and are not militantly mobilized. Americans are largely confused, upset, and annoyed by seemingly chaotic resistance that has been demonized by the media. Most don't know about indymedia, most don't know about alternatives, and most are largely alienated in their suffering. These are the facts. I suggest we try to deal with them, educate ourselves, build community, build alternative power structures, before we talk about an elitist revolution of a minority...
Tough shit 22.Mar.2003 03:42


They may well be, but an entire society can change in a weeks time (France 68), and as I see it we have two choices revolution or oblivion. We may fail but it's the only chance we have.

Please explain 22.Mar.2003 08:15


how the average dumbfuck gets that way? If I never knew about IMC and just read the normal press, I wouldn't be fooled. It would be obvious to me that Bush is insane. By the way, I'm not trying to denigrate people because they are ignorant of the facts. First off, by screwing over the citizens, like the gov't has been doing forever, but much worse since Pres. Raygun, people are pretty much desperate just to hang onto their jobs. Do you think their priorities are protesting Bush's war or fucking over capitalism? I doubt it, but that's exactly what Bush wants. Keep people desperate enough so they need to work their asses off, but just happy enough (beer cigarettes, drugs) so they don't protest too much. Of course, when things go bad, who does the average dumbass blame, the left, minorities, environmentalists, not the fascists that have created their problems. It's divide and conquer. The game the gov't has been playing all along.