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this is what war is like

The time is for change in OUR streets.
Now is the time to change our rhetoric of protest and war. We have talked of peaceful protests. We have complained about those who are unable to control their behavior, attracting "unfavorable" media attention.

The reality is that we protest to show our fellow citizens that THIS IS WHAT WAR IS LIKE. We are at war with our government. We bring the war into our streets to prove that we DON'T have the freedom of speech. That freedom was WAS! the foundation of patriotism in this country. The freedom of speech is why we are supposed to be happy to be Americans. The freedom of speech is what soldiers are supposed to die for.

Our government is taking that freedom away and destroying the root of our nation. We must fight to bring it back to life.

Yes, we protest to end a war but we also protest the silence our government would wish upon us.
War? 22.Mar.2003 01:20

hail seitan

Please, I'm all for direct action, but to compare what we have done in the last few days to war is ridiculous. War is tomohawk missiles and machine guns, not pepper spray. Let's not go thinking we are so tough shit because we pissed off few cops and disturbed the city for two days. To call this a "war" seems to really trivialize the suffering of the real vicitims of this war, namely the Iraqi people, especially those living in Baghad. Thus, while I appreciate the sentiment expressed in the first post, I think that we need to remember that our protests are about ending the suffering of the Iraqi people, and not turning ourselves into rampaging superheroes.

War is like... 22.Mar.2003 01:23

Al Gore

My friend, you are close but not quite right. We protest war. We condone peace. War does not achieve peace. You want to show what war is like??? Then let's make it graphic. Let's show some gore. No, not Al Gore. Blood and gore! Let's show people what the USA is doing to the people of Iraq, especially in Baghdad. It's time for some guerrila theater to get our point across. The gorier, the better. Blood and guts. Can anyone get some guts from a slaughterhouse?? Let's make it gross. Let's bring it home to drive home the message. Dead Bodies. Mangled corpses. You know, the everyday stuff now occurring in the neighborhoods of Baghdad. The corporate media has conveniently sanitized, censored, and blacked it all out. Wouldn't want to spoil people's supper, would they? Woudn't be good for the ratings. The days of breaking windows is old stuff for Portland. Let's get creative. Let's Shock and Make the Spectators, the Media and Ourseves HURL. When a body is blown up, the contents of the intestines go everywhere. Blood, vomit, shit, everything. Bring it home.

YES MIA!! 22.Mar.2003 01:35


yes! now, while the "wave of steel crashes across the iraqi desert" ?(fox reporter) is the time to SHUT IT DOWN. it is imperative that people have enough RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE that business does NOT continue as usual while tons of weapons manufactured in THIS FUCKING COUNTRY "pound" a nation unable to defend itself.
those who do not stand in solidarity with those on the streets NOW, will be SOON.

<<and not turning ourselves into rampaging superheroes>>

you give YOURself way too much credit. i think someone else said it best, "try masturbating"