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imperialism & war

a smog heard around the world

It took less than two weeks for the fires in Brazil to travel around the world.

The oil fires raging in Iraq will be your next breath in less than two weeks. The smell of bodies burning will be fluttering through your senses like monarch butterflies. They land to be reborn and continue the flight.

How, will this war hurt us? Each breath will expand with more carbon consumption. Slowly we are choking on our own imperialism. Sure we might be last to breath our toxic waste, and maybe the sunset will be more beautiful in the United States (+ 1 dictator). Could spring get stranger on planet earth? Finite dust from buildings, bodies, machines, and scorched earth will be breathed into the lungs of our young children, pregnant mothers, and elderly parents. Each one of us will breath a body, a machine, an oil fire started for oil imperialism by our country.

Which way is the wind blowing for you? How many bodies will you breath in, how many lungfuls of released carbon monoxide do you plan on?

Will the US bother to tally the carbon monoxide we are realeasing into the atmosphere in Iraq as part of our own 25% consumption? Will we sit down at another Protocol meeting and discuss how we will bring down our consumption merely to come back and point how we brought up. Maybe we should blame the Chinese again, or India, or maybe we can say the oil fires are Iraq's fault.

On the EPA website you can check out your own carbon monoxide consumption. Then add on a child or two, a burning building, the forest fires set by our local fire department for money, and figure out which way the wind is blowing for you.

A beautiful spring day all winter long. One to many red roses in bloom, a few too many on coffins, and increased asthma rates for children living in the US.

Another reason to stop the war NOW!