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definition of "violence"

How do you define violence?
"Violence", to me, does not include property destruction. Those are inanimate objects. They represent capitalism. I do not consider protestors, smashing things, not harming any people,violent. Cops, screaming, beating, gassing dissidents, that is what I consider violence. Our troops bombing the people of baghdad, I consider that violence. Sometimes being "peaceful" means letting violence go on unchecked just beyond your line of vision.
Thank you! 22.Mar.2003 01:26

mtvkillsbunnies dicknity@yahoo.com

You've just explained the meaning I've been trying to get across. As a society we are taught to believe vandalism is violence, since property and possesions is like a third arm.

The walls and streets that we spraypaint should not be considered graffiti, it should be considered art! After all it's our streets, right? We should paint them with the revolution!