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shock and awe
shock and awe

actually shock and inceinerate. taking out the body count. after killing incenerating. robots hid the bodies of there victims by incenerating the colateral damage.

yes you cant prove santa exist. nor the children that existed a week ago.

shock and aaaawefulllllllllllll
CIA 22.Mar.2003 00:36

ALEX ZEISBERG guitarfreak2910@aol.com

Earlier today i was litening to the radio and heard a interview with one of the CIA people. On the show they were talking baout tatics and how the CIA feel about the killing of citizens and of the iraq army. The citizens they ,the US army under comand of CIA and Bush adminastration and others,care about and dont want to kill, but the army they "Dont give a dame" if they kill. I was appaled and i thought this might work well with the beging statement.

Thank you