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Loss Of Contact with Iraq Indymedia

these are the last two entries from a Bagdad independant. very interesting.

they are in descending order...

friends have been following this website for weeks and are worried. the cutoff coincided with the Fire and Brimstone, Ooh and Ahh or whateverthefuckyacallit escalation that began this morning.
:: Friday, March 21, 2003 ::

as usual Diane comes to the rescue
please stop sending emails asking if I were for real, don't belive it? then don't read it.
I am not anybody's propaganda ploy, well except my own.
2 more hours untill the B52's get to Iraq.
:: salam 7:05 AM [+] ::

The most disturbing news today has come from Al-Jazeera, they said that nine B52 bombers have left the airfield in Britain and flying "presumably" towards Iraq, as if they would be doing a spin around the block. Anyway they have 6 hours to get here.
Last night was very quiet in Baghdad. Today in the morning I went out to get bread and groceries. There were no Ba'ath party people stopping us from leaving the area where we live, this apparently happens after the evening prayers. But they are still everywhere. The streets are empty only bakeries are open and some grocery shops charging 4 times the normal prices, while I was buying bread a police car stopped in front of the bakery and asked the baker if they had enough flour and asked when they opened; the baker told me that they have been informed that they must open their shops and they get flour delivered to them daily. Groceries, meat and dairy products are a different story. One dairy product company seems to be still operating, not state owned, and their cars were going around the city distributing butter, cheese and yoghurt to any open markets. Meat is not safe to buy because you wouldn't know from where and how it got to the shops. Anyway we bought fresh tomatoes and zucchini for 1000 dinar a kilo which would normally be 250. and most amazingly the garbage car came around.
The Iraqi Satellite Channel is not broadcasting anymore. The second youth TV channel (it shows Egyptian soaps in the morning and sports afterwards) also stopped transmitting. This leaves two channels: Iraq TV and Shabab (youth) TV. They are still full of patriotic songs and useless "news", they love the French here. We also saw the latest Sahaf show on Al-Jazeera and Iraq TV, and the most distressing minister of Interior affairs with his guns. Freaks. Hurling abuse at the world is the only thing left for them to do.
On BBC we are watching scenes of Iraqis surrendering. My youngest cousin was muttering "what shame" to himself, yes it is better for them to do that but still seeing them carrying that white flag makes something deep inside you cringe.
we sit infront of the TV with the mao of Iraq on our laps trying to figure out what is going on in the south.
:: salam 4:13 AM [+] ::

I've wondered about that too. 22.Mar.2003 01:02


I've checked that this several times myself. Hopefully just the electric power is out.

Alexander/Napolean/Cia/interpol/mousad/Cesar 22.Mar.2003 06:41

Genocidal rampage

Sisters and brothers of the world,

I pray that The Ceasers of the world will stop soon. The history must make a turn for the betterment of all the people in the world rendering this domination/destruction historical process obsolete.

Let it begin, or do what you can do that you think is the best thing you can do to make this history obsolete.

Rainbow prayer maker.

Sad 22.Mar.2003 07:14


I too have been wondering. After the first "decapation" bombing. First thing I did was to check the site. Was relieved to see a posting. But now nothing. It must be extremely difficult. "Shock and awe". Yesterday Rumsfeld told the press conference about the "humanity" involved in the "operation". Disgusting.

'At the very moment untold numbers of newly-slaughtered or injured children lay dead or suffering in agony in Baghdad after the 1:00 pm ET attack, this is the reaction of your Washington press corps (Donald Rumsfeld post-attack press conference).'  http://www.mediawhoresonline.net/warlaugh.ram

I couldn't believed they were laughing...Yesterday, after watching the terror rain down upon the people of Iraq, I thought of the kids whose pictures have been posted by the Iraq Peace Team, the millions of people worldwide who did not want war and protested against it, and I wondered how are posting friend in Baghdad was coping. I couldn't... so I shut the TV off went to my room and cried...