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bring protest to KATU station building

lets amke the target real
we keep talking about targeting the media, lets take this protest right to their front door and camp out there. bridges and interstates and federal buildings are good, maybe it's time to get to the heart of the matter?!!
I agree but 22.Mar.2003 08:06


I agree but lets do it in such a way that they can be informed. At the M20 protest I asked the Channel 2 team if they didn't have some concern about the Bush adm. now that Richard Perle is calling a jounalist a terrorist. Point out that their freedoms will be taken away by Bush and Co.

I asked if he had read former ABC newsproducer Bamford's book 'Body of Secrets' and if concept of 'Operation Northwoods' wasn't disturbing to him. He hadn't heard of the book so I filled him in. You have to reach people by showing how "their" interests are affected.

I do believe we should protest. But be polite, have the facts and point out the obvious.

I was particularly angered by "Death in a war zone" editorial 3/18/03  http://oregonlive.com/editorials/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/editorial/1047995720180700.xml

I believe it is an attempt to blame the victim. Remember that chinese student who stood in front of a tank? He was a hero. www.whatreallyhappened.com had both photos up juxtaposed showing the double standard of the media.

I think the Oregonian should be called out for "blaming the victim" while we show them that under the Geneva Convention that it is the "duty of the occupying forces to protect all civilians". Clearly, when you read the statements of the witnesses and view the photos, this was not done for Rachel Corrie.

Most of the reporters that show up at protests do not know anything about history. For example, when Dick Cheney came to town last year, there was a lot of TV and only a few hundred protestors. So they were looking for people to talk to. I had the opportunity to explain to the young reporter about Dick Cheney's racism. (as a congressman he always voted against any resolution to end apparteid. AND HE HAS NEVER APPOLOGIZED for his record)

My point is a lot of these people are ignorant about context and history. We can stand out side and say "Fuck the Corporate Media" and they will say "uh?" Or we can help "educate" them.

I guess what I am trying to say is sure, make signs and be loud, but also show some respect. Sure they have been nothing but WAR WHORES FOR BUSH. NPR is now NATIONAL PENTAGON RADIO. So, we could block them and get arrested, but maybe with Street theater and effective signs and information to hand out to those passing by we could make further progress.