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Eugene activists call for mass mobilization against war, Saturday, March 22, to counter the illicit Bush war with "shock and awe" creative non-violent resistence.
Hi All,

In a call for a Massive Public Demonstration of Opposition to the tomorrow, March 22, two 11am Marches (one from EMU and one from Fair Grounds) will converge for a Rally at the Federal Building at 12pm (Noon). Besides a main stage featuring "cycles" of prominent speakers and poets and musicians during each segment of the program, look for the following booths and areas:

-- "World Cafe": The Eugene Facilitators Collective is Hosting a World Cafe At the Rally!! WC is a facilitated public conversation forum. Topics will be thought provoking and ontroversial issues that will connect individuals in a public discourse. (will start some time between 2pm and 2:45pm)
--"Speak-out" Soap Box on the corner of 7th and Pearl; all day.
--Children's Area: Crafts and Diaper Changing Area!!
--Legal and Political Question and Answer: Come
eavesdrop or ask a question of interest to you.
--Contemplation Area: Quiet respite for meditation and prayer.
--Graffiti Booth: Fabric Pens and Giant Bolt of Fabric.
--Volunteer Sign-Up Station so you can get involved!!
--First Aid/Media/Lost & Found!! please volunteer your skills
--More as the day unfolds! Bring a canopy and set up shop in designated free spaces. Invite the crowd to share in art, dialogue, expressions of peace.