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Open Letter to KGW Newsman

Educate the mainstream media
4:23 am 3/21/03

Hey KGW Newsman...
To the lame sounding, sound bite cliched, on the scene late, security men touting, whiny "my microphone got damaged" by an agressive protester; KGW news channel 8 reporter reporting on March 20, 2003 on the anti-war protest in Portland, Oregon.
Why aren't you more articulate than Colin Cowherd a sportscaster? Remember for next time things might be just a little more complicated than what a series of short sound bites might be able to convey to your audience. Oh yeah, I think most of us who have lived on this planet for a little while realize the importance of building bridges of understanding between people. So if you are still wondering why your microphone got broke check out IndyMedia if you have been humbled or been drawn to contemplate these events on this opening day of war in Iraq. Shoot, it doesn't even have to be Indymedia just about any Internet blog will probably do it maybe even someone from American history perhaps Mark Twain might be able to shed some reflection for you with his famous "War Prayer". I can idenitfy with your confusion and bewilderment that you described in your 11pm newcast piece and the continuing on scene coverage you provided while the protesters waited to be arrested at 2nd and Burnside streets.
If you are interested at all in trying to figure out why you were treated in such a fashion as the protesters gathered and began burning the flag than checkout any mainstream(this is you or at least the corporation you work for) media critic "Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting"...FAIR or yeah you probably remember college if you were paying attention that is if you consider yourself a journalist. Do your homework and get some facts and do some reflection and stop trying to dazzle me with your slick video and audio editing that makes me have to think and rethink what you are showing and saying. Tell the story as simpy as possible and lose the "DouleSpeak" cause with words you can make that video mean anything you want it to.
Ben Bagdikian-media critic
Michael Parenti-media critic
Noam Chomsky-media critic
Gore Vidal-writer
Lewis Lapham-editor "Harpers Magazine"
Howard Zinn-historian
Civil Libertarian: Nat Hentoff
just about any of the last 10 albums(CDs') by Bruce Cockburn...political poetry

From an activist-citizen who went home fairly early Thursday from the protest for dinner and a break to find myself watching you. I will be watching you...

YIKES! 21.Mar.2003 23:30


Did you actually send this to anyone or are you just "spewing"? I am against this war and the media's coverage of it with every fiber of my being but letters such as yours will do no good! You cannot personally attack people and expect to get a positive reaction from it. Please, be a bit smarter and stronger and choose you battles wisely. This war has begun - and the truth is that there is nothing we can do to stop it. Our goal (I hope) is to make others aware that a large percentage of the population does not agree with our governments actions. Hate mail will not accomplish this, it simply makes us fanatics similar to those we are fighting.

Jack's and Jill's opinion? 21.Mar.2003 23:42

blacktop pink

So KGW news reports that in their latest poll, with some 2000 polled, 93% said the police used "not enough force against the protesters," 7% said that "the right amount of force was used." 0% said "too much force was used." it may be too easy to trivialize this poll.

Perhaps on a related note -- one co-worker told of having been stuck in her car while trying to drive over the B'side bridge. She told of seeing Critical Mass, ideed of having learned about critical mass for the first time, on the spot, as they rode by. She told of her rage when somebody rode by with a peice of wood and smacked the roof of her car with it. She was, shall we say, turned off. I assured her that there were likely people involved in the mass who were also not supportive of that person's behavior.


hey dumbshit 22.Mar.2003 00:06

they call me jtf

It seems like personal attacks are in order on this website, so here's mine. Gadfly, you are a dumbshit. Your "letter" isn't even intelligible because your grammar is atrocious. Perhaps it is you who should do your homework--that way you'd have more than an eighth grade education.


KGW 22.Mar.2003 07:04


I called KGW and to tell them that I thought the coverage of 2000 peoples little tissy fits was excessive. Needless to say, I ended up talking to some femboy with a lisp who was obviously a "thymathizer" so at least you have one friend there...

In regard to that letter 22.Mar.2003 09:01


KGW's coverage was awful. Not nearly as awful as their tactics. They strongarmed people, and one of them actually spit on the camera of a woman who had been sheilding her friends from them as they tried to video them without their permission. KGW sucks.

Dissapointed in the coverage 22.Mar.2003 11:34


I watched the protests from home, mostly on channel 12, and I found the coverage to be horrible. I started watching aroung 6 PM and continued watching for 3 hours. Not once in the three hours did they explain why people were blocking traffic. For the viewer who is not aware of the political stance, the acts were probably viewed in a negative manner. If channel 12 had interviewed someone or done some research to find out why protesters had chosen to block roads as opposed to federal buildings etc., the views of that same viewer may have changed completely. Channel 12 never attempted to give an equal effort to both sides of the story. they interviewed O-Dot and talked with the police but never mentioned or viewed the protestors in a positive light and I found that to be dissapointing.