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Cnn under attack!

Let's shut down the propaganda machine
Activists from Belgium have set up a site that reloads the CNN page every ten seconds. If enough people go to that page and leave their browsers open, we will shut down CNN.

CNN has been a mouthpiece for the war effort from the beginning. Although I notice they haven't reported that their own reporters have been kicked out of Iraq (see  http://media.guardian.co.uk/broadcast/story/0,7493,919379,00.html )
They misrepresent the truth of domestic support for this war by giving equal time to pro-war demonstrations (tens of thousands of people in the US) and anti-war demonstrations (millions of people around the world for over a month now).

Their reports scream 'BE AFRAID' and give very little other information, hoping the public, afraid of terrorism will look to the president (or, technically, governor) to lead them to safety while every day he jeopardizes more American lives by creating the perfect conditions for terrorist retaliation.

Visiting this site is one way to fight the information war, which will ultimately be what touches people's hearts and minds as they make their political decisions.

I've been sitting here on my puter for about an hour and watching the hit #s go up to (now) about 292 hits per minute.

Lets shut you down 21.Mar.2003 23:25


That really makes a lot of sense now doesn't it? First you are advocating something that is patently illegal. Myself or any semi-computer literate person could bring IndyMedia to it's knees in about 20 minutes. What would I have accomplished? Doesn't it seem just a little hypocritic for a site that is based on the right of free speech to advocate shutting down another.

If it ever happened (and it won't), they'll just block the ip of that site. But let's just say you were successful - a swarm of CNN lawyers would descend on you like locusts and have this site shut down before you can say habeus corpus. Now thanks to the lawsuit every post made on the site becomes their happy hunting ground for anarchists.

Grow up and come up with something that might actually make a positive change.

Here ya go! 21.Mar.2003 23:56


I found this on the Rocky Mountain Indymedia site...

Load the following webpage and leave it up, that's all you need to do to help crash cnn.com - Quick! Spread the word!

Please distribute to all IMC's


This is the e-protest page against the war in Iraq. It floods slowly the CNN.com homepage. Every 10 seconds CNN.com gets reloaded automatically as long as you don't close this window. The more people do this the faster cnn.com is down.

I've chosen CNN because they refuse to let people speak out freely. They brainwash every visitor with pro-war tags and slogans. And they pretend war is the only solution to get rid of Saddam.

NOTE: you can leave that page in the background (minimized) and continue surfing


yum, a internet lawsuit 22.Mar.2003 00:07

sue miso

go to somethingawful.com for some really hilarious lawsuits.


the rediculous idea of a lawsuit cracks me up.

that was


that is the site to stop cnn.


Guess What, Oz? 22.Mar.2003 01:53

Ed Harley

The mass murder currently being visited, unprovoked, on another country and its civilians, is patently illegal. You're more concerned about a web page than an illegal campaign of mass killing? Now that's fucking terrorism if anything is.

You are terrorists 23.Mar.2003 12:30

Bob DeVoy

CNN (Communist News Network) is against President Bush and ALL his policies, including the war. However shutting down anyone's web site is a terrorist act and violates their right to free speech.