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Protest saturday!

reconverge to keep up the pressure!
Gather at two P.M. on saturday to keep up the pressure! meet on the waterfront! This is a call to action! Bring goggles, bandannas, anything you need to feel comfortable in the face of police repression! There are more of us than them! Bring food & water! Let's keep up the pressure. We rock!
LET'S GO IN PEACE 21.Mar.2003 23:10


i'll be there ready ....ready to make a statement for peace. let's all come together as one.
no violence

Fine and dandy 22.Mar.2003 03:23

yo mama

Personally I'll be at the Portland spokescouncil meeting on the 3rd floor of the PSU Smith Center. I would advise all anti-authoritarian revos to do the same. Maybe there could be a solidarity march from there to Waterfront afterwards, but I just think the spokescouncil is far more important than another march. Best bet is blockades on Monday AM for another action.