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Pissed Cuz You Can't Get to Work?

Can't get to work because marchers are in your way? Try walking or riding a bike.
Imagine if the entire city of Portland stopped supporting the economies that really did fund 9/11? The air quality would benefit too. And, since the US is often listed as one of the most over-weight nations in the world, we could probably all use the exercise!
exercise releases 21.Mar.2003 23:03


that is right if everyone got off their lazy asses and did some exercise they could see this world as a brand new place. not only would they not be late for work, but they would feel good about themselves.
try it and see.

What about Trimet? 22.Mar.2003 01:28


Got news for you. Some of us take public transportation. Some of us were not able to get to places we needed to be. Some of us are very pissed.