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Props to the people of 2nd and Burnside.

This goes out to all the intrepid souls I spent time with last night on 2nd and Burnside.
This goes out to all the intrepid souls I spent time with last night on 2nd and Burnside. We sat through the day, through the night, we sat through the rain and the cold, we even sat down for the state sponsored censorship as they hauled us away two-by-two. We did it! And we can do it again, jail is nothing compared to the harsh reality of war in your own backyard!
Thus we must continue to bring the war home, we must bring the economic and social costs back to our own shores just as we must bring our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters back. We must stay strong and stay motivated; we must not burn too briefly, for our struggle must continue. Our struggle is the struggle for the ongoing discourse, the struggle for the speaking of truth, of reality, the struggle for the speaking of morality to into the blind face of madness that is an empire bent upon seeking it's own destruction.

Our struggle is for all that's great in this country, our struggle is for salvaging and rebuilding the flickering potential for greatness which was once a guiding beacon for freedom throughout the world. Our struggle is ongoing. Our struggle exists in every human being, if even to his or her own violent displeasure We must force our fellow human beings, kicking and screaming, into the righteousness that is compassion and understanding of the Other. We must force them to face the truth of our own responsibility, the truth of our own complicity. To not act is acceptance and agreement. Any dissent, no matter how diminutive in scope, is magnificent in soul. All dissent is welcome, all dissent is needed.

I love you all, all you brave souls who waited for our state rides, who refused to walk away. And love you all who stayed as you could, who felt support in your heart, even you who may have simply noticed we seek not anarchy but only the realization of preexisting principles. May your heart be warmed and your mind made active; may your feet bring you along on our road of change.

Also, may your ass be ever dry and not sitting upon wet asphalt. Pizza boxes work.

Sat down 5:30, arrested 1:52. The Ohm Guy.

And to the girls on the bus, it just wasn't the same without you all. You, females of Great Spirit, keep our lazy asses motivated. Gender solidarity all the way.

And here's to the People's Cliff Bars! Power to the food throwers! The greatest change starts with the smallest act!

"We all live on a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. We all live... "
Greatwork, BUT... 22.Mar.2003 07:49


Everyone who took a stand, or more accurately a sit, on Burnside Thursday/Friday showed great courage and committment to non-violent protest. Great work!

But we can not accept the current state of affairs. We must continue acting in non-violent ways of protest.

Being arrested was a sacrifice, but not compared to the one that the Iraqi people are undergoing as I write.

If those hundreds on the bridge were actually in the thousands the system would have, without a doubt, been overloaded. This is precisely the reason the police gave and even encouraged people to leave-they would not have been able to handle us all!!!

Let us all continue to remain strong and committed to eachother as well stopping this war in a NON-VIOLENT manner!

Continue to communicate with eachother, stay connected, and commit to peace!

Thank You all who were there 22.Mar.2003 08:45


I wasn't there last night. I was too damn depressed to even go out. Thank goodness there were people who were stronger than that, who went out to the streets. I support you all the way. Don't listen to the silly "news" reports. Last night, they actually said that the fact that Lars Larson's audience is mostly against the demonstrators proves that "most" oregonians are against you. That's not true. NOT true. They are just liars. What else would Lars' audience say??? But we know the truth. STRENGTH!

core sitters of 2nd & Burnside 22.Mar.2003 20:45

Eric edotson@pfsc.com

I just wanted to give me appreciation to the group in the white suits. I went to the rally not knowning what was going to happen. (yes I was the idiot in shorts in a T shirt) When I was marching and saw you all sit down it moved me. I was amazed at your courage and it gave me courage all the way to the point of being arrested. After getting out of jail I have been at every protest, and I will continue to be at every protest until either the Bush regime is thrown out of office or we cease killing innocent people in Iraq or any other country that this regime feels like attacking. At the protest tonight I ran into one of those fantastic girls who was sitting by me and she said that some of the sitters are meeting on thursday the 26. if you want to know when and where e-mail me and I will give you the info. My love to everyone who does not let injustice continue in the world!

oh cutie who sat on my lap... I have your shirt so hope to see you on Thursday.