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a.m. protests: more strategic !!!

(shutting down the city when everybody 's gone home less effective...}
Morning actions would better "drive up the political and economic cost of the war"

Or, if you prefer,"no business as usual" means more if there's business going on.
people wanna go home at the end of the day 21.Mar.2003 22:03

pdx observer

I completely agree - lets create a buzz in the mornings when people are on their way to work. Even if they just see people out in the steets they wil take that image with them through the day.

PDX be like S.F.! 21.Mar.2003 22:33

gringo stars&#%

as un-organized as we've been we've done pretty good.But imagine deploying in dozens of autonomous groups to do actions in a plethora of different sites...